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Developer Handbook 2020 - help your developers grow

An opinionated guide on how to become a professional Web/Mobile App Developer.

Here at Apptension we quickly realized that it's crucial for our employees to learn the right skills which would help them to progress in their careers.  At the same time, junior developers often have a hard time picking the technology they should learn next in order to land a gig with us or another company.

Why is that?

Because they don't know what to learn next. They are not aware of the company's tech stack.

They get stressed because they can't keep up not just because it takes time to learn but also because they don't know what to learn. Their only option is to follow the path of more experienced developers.

Here comes Developer Handbook 2020

That’s why with the help of we created the Developer Handbook 2020. We designed it to help our current as well as new developers better understand the technology landscape here at Apptension. The handbook is simple, informative, and super easy to maintain.

We created this list because we want to help people during their onboarding process. I remember when I was a junior developer and I wanted to progress in my career. I spent several hours a week learning new things but without any direction. All we want is for people to have a clear guide of what's expected from them, so they can focus their time on learning something that really matters.

Daniel Capeletti, Lead Frontend Developer @Apptension

The handbook covers the most common technical questions and requirements appearing prior to job interviews, during onboarding, or personal goals/career planning at our company - Apptension. We also like to call it the Technical Documentation of our company.

Get your Developer Handbook in just a week in 5 easy steps.

1. Data Mining - Use our core system - Flairs - to get a list of top technologies used in the company.

2. Mind Mapping - Divide technologies into categories that are important to the organization.

3. Requirements Definition - Dive into each library and define the list of requirements to learn for your developers.

4. Onboarding Checklists - Mark what's needed for Onboarding, Junior, Regular & Senior.

5. Content Suggestion - Add tutorials, videos, and articles in each requirement.

Need a Developers Handbook for your company. Contact us!

What's included in the handbook?

Technical Stack – a summary of all topics, languages, frameworks, and libraries we use in production together with checklists of the most important concepts.

Technical Onboarding Checklist – a living document with a checklist of what our Developers should know on different levels when they join our company.

Technical Guide – a complete list of topics (libraries, frameworks, programming concepts/patterns) we follow and recommend to learn to progress in your career to become a better Web / Mobile App Developer.

We wanted to share with developers the most important practices we follow so the newcomers can easily adapt to our technical stack. It appeared to be really valuable also for the people outside the organization - they can easily validate their technical skills with our company's best practices prior to joining our company!

Zbigniew Czarnecki, CEO @Apptension

And people are loving it!

That’s it. Go check out our handbook on Github and let us know what you think. We are very open to contributions to extend or change the requirements based on your gut and experience. To contribute you can use a pull request which will be later validated by our technical team and added to the main docs.

P.S. If you'd like to map your company's technologies and help developers to understand what's important for your organization/projects, just drop us a message or let us know in the comments section. We’ll be happy to answer any questions!

Meet the team behind the handbook: Zbigniew Czarnecki, Daniel Capeletti, Patryk Ziemkowski :)  

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