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2016 - 2020


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Teamdeck is the resource planning software, and it is our first major in-house product. The tool combines resource scheduling, time tracking and leave management to help companies manage their teams effectively. Typically, teamdeck is used by creative agencies, software houses, finance & product teams that manage multiple projects at the same time. Being a software house ourselves, we understand the challenges that these companies are facing and had a solid idea how to solve them.

The Challenge

Companies often find it difficult to keep track of all their teammates working on different projects. Some people are overutilized while others have little to do. As a result, managers struggle to keep the current projects going and plan the production pipeline. In order to improve this process, companies rely on multiple apps to manage their resources - one tool for time tracking, one to manage the vacations, one to act as a team calendar. It only makes matters worse, as several apps generate more costs, require more time to manage them and, since different groups use different tools, the visibility between departments is lost. That’s where we step in.

The Product

Teamdeck covers the whole resource management lifecycle, from planning the assignments to measuring team’s performance. Resource calendar and team utilization dashboard make it possible to plan the projects with confidence, both the current and upcoming ones. Precise timesheets help to stay on top of the projects’ costs. Finally, the leave management features minimize the back-and-forth communication between team members and their executives.

UX & Design

Traditionally, many resource schedulers and timesheet tools have been based on rather plain spreadsheets. We have set out to prove that a functional tool can be also aesthetically pleasing. Teamdeck’s UI, an interpretation of Google’s Material Design, is simple and intuitive. Subtle animations and microinteractions enrich the experience.


It can be challenging to build a collaborative tool that performs well for different team sizes. We're using AngularJS Material for the common UI components but the calendars and reports are custom-built with AngularJS and D3. This gives us full control over the key elements of our app. Pusher helps us to manage realtime notifications.

Teamdeck is a cloud-based app that comes with a downloadable desktop time tracker. It was built with Electron, which allowed us to use web technologies to create a desktop app that would work on different operating systems.

The very premise of SaaS required us to be able to deliver the same quality of product for every user out there. Having scalability and smooth deployment procedure in mind, we’ve decided to use the Amazon stack and implement Docker containers. In order to spot issues immediately and troubleshoot fast, we’re constantly monitoring teamdeck’s performance with Datadog and Sentry.


Teamdeck is our first major in-house product, which started as a simple internal prototype. Several people were responsible for making it happen over the last 2 years, including: Łukasz Artemski, Michał Bielak, Tymoteusz Bleja, Sergey Bolshov, Daniel Capeletti, Agnieszka Czarnecka, Piotr Gackowski, Paulina Grabowska, Paweł Hałabuda, Kamil Helbin, Ania Kitowska, Wojciech Łęcki, Patrycja Markowska, Wojciech Panek, Patryk Poleszczuk, Michał Przyszczypkowski, Łukasz Wieczorek, Agnieszka Woźniak, Patryk Ziemkowski.

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