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UX Researcher
Design Director

Senior Sales Specialist

Remote or Poznan HQ

UoP: 4500 - 7500 PLN net
B2B: 7500 - 10000 PLN net + VAT



June 1, 2021



Zbigniew Czarnecki


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Working at Apptension

Hi from Apptension, Poland-based quality software craftsmen who mix outstanding tech skills with a solid dose of creativity. We partner with the world’s leading brands, disruptive start-ups, and ingenious investors coding their ideas into reality!

We flavor our client’s projects with the secret sauce which, taking dozens of awards they received into consideration, the industry finds delicious. But don’t take our word for it - join us and see for yourself what the Apptension vibe is all about.

Now, we’re looking for an experienced Sales Specialist to join our team.

What's this position about?

  • Build pipeline from leads armed by our Sales Specialist, Marketing counterparts, as well as activities you will be leading yourself that aim at recognizing the right situations, places and people within our network and turning them into leads
  • End-to-end ownership over the process of responding to the RFPs: securing the resources and coordinating the work of your colleagues in terms of getting accurate estimations and technical approach. You will be responsible for the final offer and will have to make sure that Apptension’s approach is competitive, of high quality, and feasible
  • Making a call on the best approach to a given situation when you should provide early-stage proposals independently, based on previous experience or with minimal consultation from other team members in order to efficiently steer the initial conversation with a lead in the right direction before engaging more resources
  • Back-office coordination of the contracts and formal documentation (NDAs, contracts, SOWs),  terms negotiations with new accounts and coordinating legal consultation if needed
  • Coordination with colleagues from the Office team in matters like invoicing that may require communication between Apptension and the client
  • Using and improving the existing measures to ensure client’s positive experience and happiness at every stage of the project cycle
  • Direct collaboration with Apptension project teams and client’s representatives to ensure clients vision and needs are met along the way, mitigate potential conflicts or help in solving them if already present
  • Identifying and pursuing upsell opportunities with your accounts.

How will your typical workday look like?

Your days will often be filled with client calls. Some of those might be about pitching an offer you had been creating with the production team and have an overall ownership over. Other calls might be a very early exploration of requirements for some of the most prospecting leads and you will be deciding on the best strategy to move them forward.

Other times you will be working with closing the deals: negotiating collaboration terms e.g. making sure the payment schedule is aligned with company’s practice or that we have a clear scope outline; having internal conversations about the best team to handle this project. 

There will be times when you will be asked to seek new business opportunities and we will rely on your idea of best actions and effort to pursue prospecting contacts within the network we created. 

Tools you’ll be working with:

Hubspot -  CRM & sales task management

Confluence - knowledge base

Linkedin - network directory, networking activity, client outreach 

Teamdeck - resource availability 

Slack - for internal communication

Zoom, Google Meet - for client and team calls

Gsuite tools - for email, working with documents, presentations and spreadsheets

You will also have an opportunity to get to know other tools that our teams use in project delivery like Jira or Figma - but its is rather unlikely that you will use them on daily basis

What do you need to have to join us?

We value proactive approach and strong work ethics. Here’s a list of the skills that we would like you to have:

  • 2-3  years of experience working in sales for an IT company, ideally in a software house environment 
  • excellent command of written and spoken English (C1 is a must)
  • practical experience of working at different stages of the sales pipeline - lead generation, lead qualification, offering, account management - strong understanding of how to successfully move leads between those stages
  • experience with consultative, value-based selling and a proven track record of exceeding your quota
  • understanding of how to determine the ‘ideal client’ and ability to recognise situations that are not worth a full time investment 
  • experience in conducting discovery calls and gathering clients requirements
  • proven track record of closing deals - strong understanding of what makes a good offer and how to get client’s ‘sign off’
  • working with targets (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • experience of collaborating with project and technical teams in responding to clients’ requirements
  • experience of coordinating and negotiating contracts understanding of basic legal requirements
  • understanding the need for efficiency within the sales process and what is the good practice to achieve it
  • theoretical knowledge of different methodologies, practices and standards in software development that helps you to claim an expert position with clients
  • impressive written and verbal communication skills ability to translate communication into actionable plans
  • interpersonal skills and versatility of using them - ability to recognise situations where you may need to claim an assertive position, be more persuasive or lenient.

We also value a lot:

Things that will help you stand out from the other candidates:

  • ability to operate in an unstructured, self-starting environment
  • experience of working within the sales team that was going through a major transition 
  • some understanding of financial forecasting and how it should translate into sales team priorities and everyday work  
  • some experience of building internal processes or improving the existing ones
  • experience selling highly technical products/services and/or selling to technical persons (CTO, Head of Product, (Technical) Founders)

Here's what we have to offer:

The Apptension Vibe is our favorite perk: we’re really into laughs, high fives and comfy clothes.

  • salary:
    UoP: 4500 - 7500 PLN net
    B2B: 7500 - 10000 PLN net + VAT

Other benefits include:

  • flexible working hours - we start between 8 A.M and 11 A.M
  • remote work - we work remotely now but we have a convenient office location in the center of Poznań too!
  • work in well-oiled Scrum teams + we enjoy spending time together not only in the office
  • co-funded Multisport card
  • private health insurance
  • 1500 PLN per year for training, courses, books of your choice
  • team retreats and internal initiatives
  • DevTalks, knowledge-sharing meetings + board games nights
  • a well-equipped chill room with PlayStation, board games and books
  • internal crowdfunding - each month our employees receive their own budget they can use to execute different ideas - our Wishlist was awarded with an "EB Kreator 2016" prize for the best internal employer branding campaign

Do you want to join Apptension?

Hi there!

It’s time for a new talent to join us and help Apptension reach even further. Working with our Biz team means meeting some of the most creative people across the industry as well as collaborating with colleagues internally to secure future projects for the company.

If you’re a people person with a can-do attitude, Apptension is definitely a place for you.

See you soon!