How we work

A seamless product development process, from creative concept, through coding to product maintenance.

Why choose Apptension as your product development partner?


Having vast experience working for startups, brands, and agencies from all around the globe, we’ve developed a bulletproof software development process. At the same time, we’ve learned that flexibility is a must if we want to meet the expectations of our clients and their product’s end-users.

At every step of your product journey

When we first meet, we tailor our workflow to your needs based on two criteria. One is your product development goal: whether you’re looking to test your business idea with an MVP or make a change on the market with a fully-fledged product. The other is how far you’ve already pushed your project vision.

Discovery in practice

A game-changing resource management tool in form of a Web App

How we ensure your product is delivered to the highest standard?

To give you a bigger picture of what you can expect from our collaborations, let us introduce you to our flow, from Discovery to Post-launch support.

Development in practice

A trending Mobile App for selling & buying pre-owned clothes
“The code and the work were of good quality and were really what we were looking for. They were able to bring technical design thinking to the project. Project management was tight and I always knew what was happening.“
Daniel Kiyoi - Apptension Client
Daniel Kiyoi
Magic Dusk
“Apptension was flexible and professional. When I needed to quickly add capacity, it took a week or two at worst - often days. The cooperation enabled me to slowly scale up my own IT team, and the company was very helpful until the last moments of the transition.”
Mateusz Oleksiuk - testimonial
Mateusz Oleksiuk
"The project’s success has resulted in a long-term partnership for design and development. Apptension is a fantastic partner, who is willing to go above and beyond in order to deliver what the client needs."
Apptension Client
Catarina Rocha
p(r)oud solutions
What our partners say about us?

Product Strategy

A vision that works for your business and your customers

We know that the success of an application or a campaign can be measured not only by how much buzz or revenue it generates, but also by how well it fits the bigger social and economic picture. To ensure that all of the above success metrics - including the potential to build a sustainable tomorrow - are met, we can help you define a coherent product strategy.

A comprehensive product strategy service

While we love working on innovative ideas from A to Z, we're also ready to take over your team and start where they've finished. Below, you'll find the ingredients of our comprehensive product strategy service.

  • Customer Research – By conducting an in-depth target audience research, we help you identify the features your product should have to solve the actual needs of your prospective customers.
  • Market Research - By conducting thorough market research, we uncover the untapped potential in your industry and present you with the possible ways of standing apart from the competition.
  • MVP Definition - We translate your business objectives and end-users’ needs into actual product features that will express your project’s unique selling proposition.
  • Technical Approach - Bearing in mind your business idea, we build a custom matrix that defines viable directions for your product development.
  • Brand Design - We assist you in designing a distinctive voice and personality of your brand to give your product the power to exert a positive impact on the world.
  • Growth Strategy - Placing your project in contemporary social, economic, and environmental contexts, we help you craft a product strategy capable of capturing customers’ attention in the long run.

Product Prototype

Feasibility Check

Every product journey is different and in some cases the idea needs a technical validation before it can be moved into development or go after the investment. We have the right expertise to do this time and cost-effectively. And once the solution is proved feasible we can accommodate a swift move into the full production.

Software prototyping process

If your project’s requirements are not set yet, we’ll guide you through a trial-and-error process concluding with the creation of a prototype and the identification of your future product’s essential features. Usually, two scenarios are pursued here - the prototype is either to focus on a particular technical assumption(s) that needs to be validated or an alternative needs to be found. It could also be that the technical angle is less challenging but the idea needs a tangible Proof of Value (POV) that can be demonstrated to potential stakeholders or investors.

The prototype development process includes:

  • Preliminary technical research & market overview - we conduct market analysis and interview your product’s prospective users to learn about their expectations. The preliminary research allows us to identify basic requirements.
  • Preliminary designs & initial prototype
  • Feedback & improvements - we present the prototype to the client, end-users and other stakeholders. We use the collected feedback for enhancing the product.
  • Delivering a prototype that meets the expectations of its stakeholders

How is a prototype beneficial to you?

Unless you have a long-term experience in introducing products to the market, testing out your vision with a prototype in the first place may be a good idea for a wide range of reasons:

Features verification - You get to quickly identify both redundant and missing key features you might have overlooked at the beginning.

Early user-feedback - You receive valuable feedback at an early stage of your product’s life cycle which ensures greater customer satisfaction in the longer run.