React Development

React: Build apps that make people go “whoa!”

Delight your customers with great UX and flawless performance using a leading frontend technology. Our React developers have been working with this technology from its early releases, delivering projects for brands like Uber and Spotify in the process. We have extensive expertise and the right tools to translate your ideas into a working product quickly .

How can you benefit from React development services?

It’s no coincidence that companies like Netflix or Dropbox use React for frontend development. It is a powerful and versatile technology—here are some of its main benefits:

Quick time-to-market

Thanks to reusable components and dedicated tools for React developers, we can build your product faster.

Great scalability

With React, you can quickly build a prototype or an MVP of your app and then evolve it effortlessly as you grow. 

Superior UX

React is great for creating interactive experiences—users will appreciate the speed and stability of your app.

Wide variety of tools

From blazing-fast static pages to engaging interactive experiences: there are React-based tools for different use cases. 


We use React to build fully-responsive web apps as well as native mobile apps with React Native. 

Support of the best engineers

React was born at Facebook and is currently maintained by a global community of brilliant programmers.

React services at Apptension

Our React developers have worked on creative campaigns for the most recognizable brands and startups that became overnight sensations. We understand the unique challenges of these types of projects and know how to address them. 

React in practice

Read more about our offer for digital agencies and startups:

React development for creative agencies

When you design a visually striking app for your campaign, you expect the end-product to reflect your creative’s vision accurately. React is perfect for projects where the visual aspect has 

to be very strong: with a wide selection of tools for animations and interactive elements, we can build pixel-perfect digital experiences for your audience.

Our agency clients appreciate the speed of development we can achieve with React. Thanks to custom templates, we can save a lot of configuration time and make you see the results of our work faster. If your creative vision requires us to push the boundaries of innovation, we’ll start with a prototype to test different ideas early in the process. 

Tools we combine with React for creative agencies: Netlify, Firebase Platform, PixiJS, Three.js, D3.js.

React development for startups

When startups approach us, they usually count on releasing an MVP of their app soon, sometimes in a matter of weeks. We’re prepared to build MVPs quickly: a custom AWS boilerplate allows us to jump-start the process and consistently deliver high-quality infrastructures. The frontend of your app can be configured faster thanks to our React templates, and Material UI components libraries make the development process more efficient. Importantly, your MVP is not a temporary solution that needs to be rewritten when you secure funds for further development. It’s a solid foundation of your product that we can easily build upon.

Tools we combine with React for startups: GatsbyJS, NextJS, Design systems (e.g. Grommet, Material UI, Ant Design), Custom create-react-app template, AWS Boilerplate.

React for high-performing and SEO-friendly websites

Whether you’re an agency or a startup, one of your priorities is to be visible in search engines. On top of that, you want the website to be fast and delightful to browse. We meet these needs by creating web apps with Gatsby.js, a React-based framework. We can pull data from a CMS or even include some dynamically-generated components in the mix, and you’ll still have a high-performing, well-indexed website.