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10 traits of your next startup technology partner

Find out the attributes of a top notch technogical partner and what makes them click

Starting a technological startup requires not only financial, but also technological support. If you have a groundbreaking idea, but lack technological background, good news - you can still open a million-dollar tech company. All you need to do is to find the right technology partner. So, if you’d like to know how to build a web application, mobile application or how to explore other technologies without advanced IT knowledge, check out our guide and start your successful tech partnership.

Who is a technology partner?

The number of professions that can be identified as tech partners is simply unlimited. Although you may need a software developer to create a web application, they might be also IT support specialists, Internet service providers, web design agencies, cyber security partners or IT consultants. Before choosing, make sure their skills fit to your specific requirements. Despite top technical competencies, there are actually a few more critical factors - check them out listed below and make sure your potential tech partner meets all of them.

How to choose the right technology partner?

Obviously, technical competencies are critical to ensure the success of the project, but it’s not the only criteria for choosing a tech partner. Even if you wish to only test your idea at the beginning, such a partnership is always a long term investment. If you’d ever be approached by an investor to go through due diligence, all the slips will be immediately revealed, which may result in losing the deal. So, investing in the right approach from the very beginning might turn out to be a huge benefit.

Let’s check what are the traits of a top technology partner.

1. They understand your needs and help to verify your idea

When you’re at the beginning, testing your idea is the first chance to verify your potential partner. Make sure that they understand the industry and your goals and have the right tools and skills to assist you in the early stage of the idea verification. However, the right tech partner should not only be able to deliver the initial stage of the product, but also have the idea for its future development. Check them within this first project and assess whether the collaboration can be promising, as having a technology partner that is on the same wavelength with you is simply a treasure.

2. They give you advice prior to even asking

If you’re a non-technical person, you will most probably expect someone to lead you through all technical processes. At this point your vision might be also not yet clear. Your tech partner should be able not only to fulfill whatever they are told, but also to give you advice and support. Believe us: developing a startup requires a real partner, not a contractor. Make sure that they listen to your needs, but also come up with their own suggestions and ideas.

3. They provide comprehensive services...

Choosing the right tools to complete your project is crucial. However, once chosen technology might not be the one to stay with you forever. As the project might develop, your needs can also transform or extend, so working with a multitasking partner able to deliver complex support might become a huge benefit. For instance, at Apptension we provide not only top quality web application development, but also a big scope of our services that may support your startup idea.

4. ...or are experts in the field

If your idea is about exploring a particular technology, check whether your potential partner is capable of delivering desired outcomes. Verify if they already completed similar projects and if your target field is the one they’re passionate about. As we already mentioned, at Apptension we have a proven track record of successful web applications development projects that helped our clients to conquer international markets and made small startups grow to solid companies.

5. They communicate efficiently

Although it may be helpful to sit in one room and do the brainstorming once in a while, your best technology partner is not necessarily the one available at your location. Going a step further, you may even choose offshoring to optimize your costs. No matter if you decide on remote or on-site cooperation, make sure your tech partner will be available for you and there will be no communication-related risks. If you’re supposed to work mostly online, check whether they use trustworthy communication platforms like Jira or Slack, have solutions for handling documents remotely and provide transparent project tracking.

6. They stick to deadlines

As sometimes waiting for free spots in a professional’s calendar might be worth of the effort, your technology partner should definitely be trustworthy and strict in terms of deadlines. All the delays may cause not only your annoyance, but also financial loss. Before you start, remember to discuss the needs, compare them with their availability and to agree on the timeline.

7. They ensure transparency

Each partnership should be based on trust, and, in case of cooperation between tech partner and startup founder, also on the contract. Make sure your feel secure with the agreement and that provided project roadmap ensures full control over the process. Especially in terms of budget, double check whether everything is crystal clear to avoid surprises. To ensure transparency, your technology partner should use project tracking tools. At Apptension we provide our clients with the access to Confluence - the platform where we store all project-related knowledge and reports about each sprint. Our clients can also review our Scrum Artifacts to check the progress.

8. They provide support

Failures happen. Make sure that in case of unexpected breakdowns your partner will assist you. Ongoing support and fixing errors should be a compelling factor when choosing a tech partner, so in case you hesitate between two, decide on the one that can provide you with better warranty.

9. They have references

As checking the portfolio and verifying their achievements is a clear thing to do when choosing a technology partner, it may be useful to inquire also about their references. Testimonials are the best evidences that the cooperation with this particular tech partner goes smoothly and that they are really capable of delivering the desired outcomes. Check out what the clients say about working with Apptension.

10. Simply, they are a good investment

Price should never be the compelling factor. However, it’s also obvious that the service you choose should fit your budget requirements. When choosing a technology partner, think about the future and invest in someone with whom you will build a long term cooperation. Regardless of the stage of your startup development, the right tech partner should be able to provide you with all the necessary solutions fitting your budget.

If you’re in need of a reliable technology partner, we’re here to support you.
Let’s discuss your ideas for web application together and let’s take the first steps to successfully fulfill your vision.

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