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How your business can benefit from web application in 2022

In these uncertain times, a strong online presence may be your opportunity to build better relationships with your audience and, as a result, generate more revenue. We have created this web application development guide for CEOs and executives who want to grow their online channels. You’ll learn how your business can benefit from modern web app solutions, what are the most exciting web development technologies and design trends in 2022, and, finally, how to build a web application that your customers will love to use.

Why should you invest in web application development in 2022?

Digital transformation can help boost your company’s profits. Reports indicate that the share of revenue generated by the top companies in a given sector is highly correlated with the adoption of digital solutions.

Going online as a business has become even more essential in the age of a global pandemic. With whole industries, most notably manufacturing, travel & transportation, and retail, projected to feel a severe impact of the outbreak, companies seek ways to lessen the toll. Due to the pandemic, European retailers may lose 3.26 billion British pounds in sales, giving many businesses even more reasons to have a web app or another source of online revenue.

The pandemic has affected consumer behaviors as well. For starters, people opt for online shopping more than they used to. On top of that, many of us want to avoid several offline-based activities, even once restrictions are lifted.

There is every reason to think that this situation will push different-sized companies to offer their customer-facing operations online using web apps and mobile solutions. Investing in web development means creating a new touchpoint for consumers and generating profits even when the offline operations slow down.

The Benefits Your Business Will Get From Web Applications in 2022 

Overall, web development has become a must for any business striving to sell on the internet (not even an achievement). Let's not talk about how you're invisible if you don't have a website or web application. But, let's emphasize the importance of having a web app specifically. The most significant advantage of a web app over a website is that the first provides an opportunity for users to manipulate the on-page info. That's a life-changer in customer interactions, which is already employed but big names like Netflix, Facebook, Google (or any other popular mailing service). What does it mean? Well, web application development is a key (or maybe even a pattern) to advancing your business image nowadays. 

And that's not without a good reason, fellas! Web apps bring on their impact on dozens of business-important factors. So, let's break down the most crucial ones below: 

Web apps boost your performance and reduce expenses

You cannot avoid tedious and time-consuming tasks without an effective tool for automation. What could be a real advance in the way you organize and manage your workflows is a custom web application! Based on the main time-wasters, you could create web processes that can easily streamline your employees' tasks with better accuracy and real-time results. Meanwhile, your staff will end up having spare hours for more business-crucial tasks. 

Web apps ensure timely updates 

Since web applications are web-based (surprise!), so if you secure a constant internet connection, they can be accessed 24/7. Moreover, they're not like regular native webs, which means users can open a web app regardless of their device or browser.

Meanwhile, desktop-based software requires running constant updates done individually. Time-consuming, let alone unsecure if done wrongly, it's not even close to what a web application can offer to your business. There, functionality updates could even be extended to each version of the online app, being downtime-free and giving users instant access to the latest version of the app.

Web apps are more secure 

We cannot emphasize enough the scope of damage you can face without a proper security regulations. A damaged or lost computer can turn out to be a considerable resource/time loss. Mainly because you'll have to contact your provider to delete sensitive data and re-install the software to another compatible device. 

Web applications reduce this pain in the neck by having single cloud storage that is just being easily accessed every time you open the app. So, as long as you remember your login data, you're going to be just fine. 

Web apps are easy to customize and scale 

What usually concerns company execs the most is that the app won't grow or coordinate together with their business goals. At least not without expensive updates that occur more often than you'd like them to be.

However, with the right project brief and a team of developers, the app can be 100%-personalized and created in a scalable way. You can order a totally flexible and adaptable piece of software that will incorporate the distinctive features and requirements of your company. Heck, it can even have your own branding and customized user access levels if that's a necessity. 

Web apps are simple to install and uphold

With web applications, you escape the need to install software on each separate device and avoid the potential issue of memory limitations. Such apps are also less harsh on outdated or low-spec devices.

As any desktop and mobile device nowadays has a browser, installation time is speedy and can run in the background while your team takes on some other work. Moreover, the maintenance requirements are much lower overall, with updates rolling out fully remotely.

Web development technologies that will give your business a boost

Picking the right technology for your web app is very important as well. It needs to be tailored to your business objectives and your customers' needs. First, you have to decide whether you want to build a typical web app or perhaps a mobile-first solution—you can use web application development technologies to create mobile apps as well. You also need to think about the frontend (the interface people see) as well as the backend of your app. Your choices will depend on the features of your app and how customers will interact with it.

With the vast landscape of web development technologies, choosing the best tools for your web app may be challenging. This is where a proven tech partner steps in—we've prepared an overview of the most useful tools for high-performing web apps. It will help you make better decisions regarding your app's tech stack.

Pick the right technology for your app

The importance of UX/UI in web development

A solid design and well-thought-of user experience are the foundations of successful web apps. The recipe for great UX and UI is to follow a proven product design process. Such an approach allows you to deeply understand your users' needs and make choices that really make a difference for them.

The product design process we recommend and follow starts with a customer research phase during which we can analyze people's pain points, wants, and typical behaviors. Then, with all these insights, you can build and test wireframes to make sure your app is intuitive to use. Finally, interface designs will give your app a signature look and make it instantly appealing to the users.‍

Take a look at our UX handbook based on the tips from highly experienced UX specialists. 

Get insights from User Experience Handbook

How to build a successful web application?

You’re already familiar with two essential components of successful web apps: technology and design. In order to thrive in both of these aspects and release your app smoothly, you should take advantage of proven web development processes.

We have built a step-by-step guide to creating web apps, from the initial vision to post-launch maintenance. Following these steps helped us build dozens of high-performing apps for global brands and emerging startups. Use this guide to make sure that your app is on its way to success.

6 steps to create a winning web app

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