Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Planning

When launching a new product, the last thing you want to do is waste time and money on developing features that don’t really matter to your users.


Identify the most valuable elements of your product

An MVP is not a prototype or a rough draft of a product. It’s a version of your app with just the right features to satisfy your customers’ needs. To design the scope of your MVP, we need to analyze your audience and the way your product will serve them. Collaborating closely with you, we can compile a list of user stories the MVP should contain. The next steps? MVP development and launching your product!

The MVP of a mobile game makes headlines

We created Wasteworld, an AR-based mobile game, as a way for kids to learn about waste sorting. Since we wanted to launch the product in a very short timeframe, we focused on planning a solid MVP and bringing it to life. Upon Wasteworld’s launch, the game received glowing reviews from parenting influencers who got early access to the app.

Mixed-reality spatial design platform

HyperCRC is a spatial design platform that enables companies to accurately preview their spaces’ prototypes using 3D technology and real materials. Given that it was a highly innovative project, we started with designing and developing an MVP to validate our client’s ideas.

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Apptension is a creative tech partner for brands, agencies, and investors. We pride ourselves on extensive technical capabilities combined with a business-savvy outlook.
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Why plan your MVP with Apptension?

Thorough analysis

You can count on working with a versatile team of product development experts: creatives, strategists, technologists. We will look at your product from different perspectives and recommend solutions that are both technically feasible and business-savvy.

Fast go-to-market

Is it your priority to launch your product fast? We’ve got your back. Once the MVP is defined, we can build a dedicated tech and design team to start working on your product. You don’t have to spend time looking for outsourcing companies or hiring programmers for your team.

Flexible process

The MVP planning process is typically a part of our product workshop offer. However, if you want to conduct a more comprehensive product discovery phase and build some prototypes first, we will incorporate MVP planning into that process.

Our proven process


Analyzing the product and the market

The first step for us is always to get an in-depth understanding of your product idea, its target audience, and the market it will exist in. These insights will be indispensable at the next stages of the process.

Setting priorities

Most likely, there will be many ideas for features your product could include. Taking the risk, effort, and impact into account, we can now pick the essential elements that should be built within the first months of your product’s development.

Scoping the MVP

Once we figure out the core of your MVP, we can work on writing down all user stories so that you can start working on your product right away. Don’t want to spend extra time looking for new team members? Hire our product development team to build the MVP for you.
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“The code and the work were of good quality and were really what we were looking for. They were able to bring technical design thinking to the project. Project management was tight and I always knew what was happening.“
Daniel Kiyoi - Apptension Client
Daniel Kiyoi
Magic Dusk
“Apptension was flexible and professional. When I needed to quickly add capacity, it took a week or two at worst - often days. The cooperation enabled me to slowly scale up my own IT team, and the company was very helpful until the last moments of the transition.”
Mateusz Oleksiuk - testimonial
Mateusz Oleksiuk
"The project’s success has resulted in a long-term partnership for design and development. Apptension is a fantastic partner, who is willing to go above and beyond in order to deliver what the client needs."
Apptension Client
Catarina Rocha
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