Radically decrease the time your team spends on developing a product. Re-use common components and focus on the core of your business.



Higher profit and shorter time-to-market.

Make your clients and developers happier by cutting a ton of repetitive tasks from the backlog - use SaaS Bolierplate! Thanks to a broad palette of ready-to-go components, cut costs and free the team to improve the core of the product itself

Who is the SaaS Boilerplate for?

- Startup founders
- Tech Leads and CTOs
- Startup developers
- Enterprise developers

What does SaaS boilerplate do?

- Provides a ready library of up-to-date components for various SaaS software uses
- Allows your product to scale up easily
- Upgrades on the AWS Boilerplate with new features
- Slashes time necessary to complete a project
- Reduces complexity and error

Don't reinvent everything, every time.
Give your programming team a breather - get them a SaaS Boilerplate

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Latest and most popular programming technologies.

SaaS Boilerplate works with the most popular tech stacks. Its foundation, the AWS Boilerplate, is widely used in extremely varied applications and industries. For details, contact us.

Tech modules

Multiple languages support
E2E Testing with Cypress
Headless CMS Support (Contentful)
Pre-configured Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration
Scalable AWS Architecture
Easy CRUD Management for new modules

User modules

GDRP Compliance
User authorization (with 2FA) and authentication
User/Client Management
Dedicated Superadmin panel for SaaS owners
Roles Management

Finances modules

Transactional e-mails and e-mail templating
Invoicing system
Payments and Subscriptions support