POC/MVP development

A swift way for early-stage founders to develop a complete POC/MVP solution. Get enough customer feedback, a polished PoC or MVP, and all necessary materials for increased chances of securing funding and attracting new customers.

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What you get

Functional POC/MVP

Product roadmap and backlog prioritization

Phasing (product milestones)

Technical and functional documentation

Usability studies reports 15MD (per session)

Detailed test strategy and test plan

Style guide and UI screens

What are the benefits _

Solid solution

We build an MVP with an optimal feature set and all necessary materials that are both valuable to your target audience and convincing to investors.

Rapid resolution

Thanks to a combination of cross-functional expert teams and agile methods, we can deliver your PoC in 4 weeks and optimal MVP solution in 3 to 4 months so you can test it with the market as soon as possible.

Beyond MVP

We provide continuous support even post-launch, helping you transition to maintenance mode with us or onboard your internal team to take over.

Your suggested team _

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Business Analyst

Our Business Analyst conducts in-depth market research and feasibility studies to validate your concept. They define clear requirements and create a detailed product roadmap, ensuring your PoC/MVP aligns with market demands and business goals.

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Our Developers bring your idea to life with efficient, high-quality code. They utilize the latest technologies to build scalable, secure, and robust PoC/MVP solutions quickly, allowing for early market testing and feedback.

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Our Designers focus on creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces. They conduct usability studies and user research to design a seamless user experience, ensuring your PoC/MVP is both functional and appealing to early adopters.

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Quality Assurance

Our QA team rigorously tests your PoC/MVP to ensure it meets high-quality standards. They perform comprehensive testing, including automated and manual checks, to identify and resolve issues, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly product.

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What is a proof-of-concept (POC), and why is it necessary?

A proof-of-concept (POC) is a small-scale project or prototype that demonstrates the feasibility and potential of an idea. It is necessary to validate the concept before committing extensive resources, identify and address challenges early on, and communicate the value to stakeholders.

What is an MVP?

An MVP, which stands for "Minimum Viable Product," is a product that possesses just enough features to satisfy its early customers and elicit feedback for its future iterations. The primary objective behind an MVP is to quickly build a version of the product to test its validity in the market without committing excessive time and resources to a fully fleshed-out product.

Why is creating an MVP important for startups?

For startups, particularly those operating within constraints, validating their business ideas without significant expenses is paramount. By developing an MVP, startups can test their market hypothesis, gather invaluable feedback from actual users, and make necessary refinements to their product. Furthermore, a tangible MVP can serve as a demonstration tool, attracting both early adopters and potential investors.

How do I decide which features to include in my MVP?

Deciding on the appropriate features for an MVP requires a keen understanding of the primary problem the product seeks to address. The features should directly cater to this problem and distinguish the product in its market landscape. To identify these features, one can list all potential attributes, rank them based on their importance and feasibility, and then cherry-pick those that resonate most with the product's principal goals.

Once my MVP is launched, what should be my next steps?

Post the MVP launch, the focus should shift to gathering user feedback through various means such as surveys, interviews, and usability tests. Concurrently, monitoring user engagement metrics like retention and conversion rates can offer deep insights. The collated data then aids in refining the product, addressing any concerns, and focusing on the next set of features or modifications. It's essential to remember that the MVP is the beginning of the journey; the iterative process of refining and evolving based on feedback and analysis is where the real growth lies.