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SaaS Boilerplate is a ready-to-use, customizable, and well-tested open-source tool kit, giving you all the essential parts to build a complete product.

With its streamlined development experience, you’ll save time and redirect your resources to more meaningful areas.

Authorization support in SaaS Boilerplate

Authorization / Authentication

Avoid the repetitive stage of coding user login and authentication. With SaaS Boilerplate, your users will be secure, and you can focus on the business aspects of your product.

- User registration and login, including Facebook and Google OAuth
- Basic user data like name, surname, and user role for authorization
- User email address verification via a transactional email
- Password change and password recovery within the app flow
- User management panel in Django admin
- Two-factor authentication

Emails support in SaaS Boilerplate


Outdated tech and manual email template coding? Forget wasting time like that. Build lively templates in React and get creative. Communicate with your users the way you want, not how MS Outlook would like you to!

- A set of ready-to-send transactional emails (new user verification, password recovery, subscription renewals, errors, etc.)
- Ability to schedule emails at a given time
- Sending test emails directly from a Storybook
- Internationalization support out of the box

Subscriptions support in SaaS Boilerplate


Get consistent revenue out of your SaaS and allow customers to stay with you with zero effort. Manage the subscriptions model using our clean, proven code. Set up payments in hours instead of weeks!

- Ability to charge users immediately or to set up recurring payments
- Subscription plans support and ability to freely modify current plans
- Free trial subscription plan, a grace period for credit card issues
- Superadmin panel enables customer management (i.e. refunds) without the Stripe dashboard

Payments support in SaaS Boilerplate


Free trials, renewals, plentiful payment options – paying for your service should be easy for its users. Payments are tricky to implement, with plenty of fringe cases and the need for solid security and stability. SaaS Boilerplate solves most of it for you.

- Integration with Stripe services and its dashboard
- No customer payment method data is stored locally
- Support for multiple payment methods and their management (storing for future use and removal)

Multitenancy support in SaaS Boilerplate


Let your clients efficiently manage multiple projects by creating various tenants, each functioning independently with its own settings, members, and resources.

- Start immediately with a default tenant provided upon account creation
- Add new tenants as needed to manage multiple entities within a single account
- Utilize three default roles ”Owner, Admin, and Member” to control tenant activities and collaboration
- Securely invite and manage new members within each tenant

CMS integration in SaaS Boilerplate

CMS integration

Jump straight to content implementation and styling with our CMS integration. Using Contentful, a powerful tool of choice for top content managers, our pre-built models can cut a sprint or two from the development time.

- Integration with Contentful service
- Example content model (image, title, and description)
- Ready to use CMS with a free plan

OpenAI integration in SaaS Boilerplate

OpenAI integration

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence in your application to improve user experience and gain a competitive edge in the market.
Integrating AI into SaaS Boilerplate can also provide other business benefits; from increased efficiency to enhanced decision-making.

- Seamless integration with OpenAI API
- Built-in example generates SaaS ideas based on user input

While most boilerplates offer just standalone features, SaaS Boilerplate gives you a developer-friendly, AWS‑based scalable infrastructure and CI/CD

Infra as a code

All infrastructure resources are provisioned and managed automatically, so there’s no need for manual configuration of any cloud services. Run a simple script, and the working application and development infrastructure will be set up for you.

Pre-configured CI/CD

Release a multi-environment system automatically for every change introduced in your codebase in minutes. Fast and frequent deployments allow you to detect and fix bugs much quicker and earlier.

AWS services _

We selected several AWS cloud services that are designed to be easily integrated with each other. It makes SaaS Boilerplate easy to deploy, customize and scale!


Performance and ease of scaling the system is one of the key components that we focus on. It is why the backend is configured to run behind an Application Load Balancer, and the frontend is served fully through a CDN out of the box!

Need additional support?

Let our experts help you with:
- custom installation or setup on AWS
- full product development
- full product design


Got questions? Ask us anything concerning tech, pricing and licensing.

SaaS Boilerplate - what is it?

It is a solid foundation installed on your AWS account to help you develop an unlimited number of web applications. SaaS Boilerplate consists of three architecture modules:
- Infrastructure that combines AWS technologies and CI/CD automation
- Ready-to-use application code together with generic functions (e.g. login, subscription, checkout)
- E2E testing
With the help of the above-mentioned modules, any developer can implement Apptension’s quality code in their applications.

Who needs SaaS Boilerplate?

It’s a universal product and various businesses can benefit from it. But if you’re hesitating if it’s a good fit for your SaaS business, feel free to find your possible motivation to use SaaS Boilerplate below:
- Your task is to develop and bring a product to the market. And most importantly - you have to do it ASAP
- You want to estimate the time and value of your development projects easier
- You need to reduce development time, so pre-made pieces of code are a must in order to avoid repetitive development of basic SaaS features
- You would rather spend more time on adjusting the business logic and intellectual property algorithms than develop boring pieces of code
- You don’t want to repeatedly reinvent existing code solutions like payment or log in functions

Why should you have SaaS Boilerplate (in 20 words)?

Because software projects and their code could be delivered to the market way faster and easier, without exhausting your developers.

Is SaaS Boilerplate completely free and open-source?

We live and breathe SaaS, that's true. And it's the main reason we wanted to contribute to the whole community and release SaaS Boilerplate in the open-source model, completely free of charge.

Does SaaS Boilerplate consider the project's business logic during development?

SaaS Boilerplate contains universal business logic that can be adjusted to any model or industry on demand. As a result, testing, building, and deploying new features is an effortless process that eliminates any space for mistakes.

SaaS Boilerplate certainly takes time to get used to. How long does it take to start using the tool to the full extent?

You will need 3 days at max for the FULL onboarding and setup process. Afterward, by using its wonderful modules, devs can save hours on every project. For even smoother onboarding, contact our team and they will get you started.

Is SaaS Boilerplate scalable?

SaaS Boilerplate has an auto-scaling feature. It means that you can dynamically link the resources according to current demand and, thus, scale even medium-sized applications.

What are the main functionalities of the SaaS Boilerplate?

Apart from saving development and time-to-market efforts, SaaS Boilerplate can tailor to your SaaS business needs and offer the solutions for:
- CRUD - create, read, update, delete basic operations possible to perform over an example data model with an ID and title.
- Email templates and scheduling (including transactional and triggered emails)
- E2E automatic testing (available even during the deployment process)
- Out-of-the-box CMS integration
- Several methods of user authorization, including signup, login (via Google or social media), recovering and changing the password, email verification, dashboard for user management purposes, roles and data management, etc.
- Various payment and subscription options, including stripe id integration, no-data-stored and recurring payments, instant charge, trial and normal subscription plans, as well as the management of all these options.
By the way, the possibilities of SaaS Boilerplate are not limited to the above.
Check out the full list of features.

I want to use SaaS Boilerplate, but I don't have a development team. Can you help me?

Shortly – yes. As the creators of the SaaS Boilerplate, we know best how to use it in practice, and we have all the resources you might need to turn your business idea into a successful digital product. We can help you at every stage of the product development lifecycle – so contact us and share all the details.

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