People remain our DNA_

Welcome to Apptension, where innovation meets dedication

A big group of people - Apptensians during a Christmas party

We grew from_ technology, and expanded through_ product delivery and design.

Our story is not just about rapid growth and success; it’s about the people who make it happen.

At Apptension, we believe that the best work comes from teams that are empowered to experiment, take risks, and learn from their experiences.

Our talented professionals bring diverse perspectives and deep expertise to every project, ensuring that we deliver solutions that are as unique as the challenges they solve.



Our expertise comes from battling through various domains. We pride to be robust in terms of industries.

A big group of people - Apptensians during a Christmas party

Years on the market


Apptension was founded after hackathons in 2011 and 2012 by 3 friends from college — a typical ‘born in a garage’ story.

Experts on board


We keep our team lean, and do not have intention to grow heavily in numbers. Instead, for specific projects we extend our teams with trusted freelancers and consultants - if our internal capacity is limited.

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Empowering innovation through collaboration_

Explore Apptension's core values that shape our culture and drive our success.


Supporting others and helping them achieve their true potential, ensuring no one faces their problems alone, and respecting each individual.

Dedication to innovation

Always looking for better solutions, thinking big, being creative in problem-solving, and open-minded to new ideas.

Customer understanding

Collaborating with clients, recognizing that they hired us for our expertise and guidance. We treat them as partners, understanding and solving their problems together.

Constant Improvement

Striving for continuous improvement, being self-directed and accomplishing your goals, making the improvement a constant part of our work life.

Knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge both internally and externally, teaching each other new skills, and seeking help understanding new concepts.

_ We live by the rule of treating others as we would like to be treated, and we are proud of our customer satisfaction scores!




Customer NPS


Average Client Tenure

Our leadership team

People who run the show

Meet the talented professionals behind Apptension.

Zbigniew Czarnecki photo
Zbigniew Czarnecki
Artur Gutkowki photo
Artur Gutkowski
Michał Kleszcz photo
Michał Kleszcz
Anna Rosłanek photo
Anna Roslanek
Piotr Bandosz photo
Piotr Bandosz
Head of Finance
Aleksandra Leończyk photo
Aleksandra Leończyk
Head of Project Delivery
Beata Patfield photo
Beata Patfield
Head of Sales
Patryk Ziemkowski photo
Patryk Ziemkowski
Head of Development
Hanna Dawidko-Chudziak photo
Hanna Dawidko-Chudziak
Head of Marketing
Mikołaj Jarmużek photo
Mikołaj Jarmużek
Head of QA

Meet our team_

Builders, strategists, engineers, designers, product people.
Discover the professionals behind our success, dedicated to delivering exceptional results for your projects.

The three bosses of Apptension