People remain our DNA

Apptension team turns ideas into world-class software using expertise in technology, design and product management.
We are the first choice in Central Europe for founders and investors who want to build and launch their digital ventures.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
Adapting to any conditions, needs and resources
Growing business using data and out-of-the-box thinking
Turning partners’ ideas into viable digital products
Product Design
Combining art with technology and user-centricity
Project Management
Managing seemingly unmanageable processes and projects
Quality Assurance
Providing an always needed and appreciated second look
People & Culture
Working for the sake of the people and with people in mind
Office & Finance
Taking multitasking and planning to a whole new level

our values

Dedication to innovation
Customer understanding
Constant improvement

Knowledge sharing
Supporting others and helping them achieve their true potential, making sure that no one is left with their problem alone, respecting each individual.
Always looking for better solutions, thinking big, being creative in problem-solving, and open-minded to new ideas.
Cooperation with the client, remembering that they hired us to be experts and advise them. Treating them as partners and understanding and solving their problems.
Striving for continuous improvement, being self-directed and accomplishing your goals, making the improvement a constant part of the work life.
Spreading the knowledge - internally and externally, teaching others new abilities, asking for help with understanding the concept of something.
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People who run the show

When working with me, you can expect creativity combined with data analysis. A lot of unfunny jokes (but hey, I am trying ;)) and a whole heart dedicated to development and teamwork.
Hanna Dawidko-Chudziak
Head of Marketing
It’s important to be proud of what you managed to accomplish before you can show it to the rest of the world. The final effect and impact matter. If that also sounds like you, I look forward to our collaboration.
Patryk Ziemkowski
Head of Development
When working with me, you can expect a good challenge and partnership-based collaboration. Every day we adhere to the principle that every idea is good, but it can't always be used and that there are no wrong questions, only wrong answers.
Piotr Bandosz
Head of Finance
While working with me you can expect a great focus on the smallest details combined with the grasp of a broader perspective. Approaching the subject from general perspective and diving into detail provides us the most comprehensive answer as to how we should act in a given situation, eliminating hasty decisions.
Mikołaj Jarmużek
Head of Quality Assurance
While working with me you can expect respect for your expertise and skills, collaboration and challenges to develop our product competencies together.  AND of course let's not forget about having  fun on some coffee breaks and workshops to keep up the team spirit
Aleksandra Dziewulska
Head of Product Design
In our collaboration, you can expect more listening than talking, and enough space to be your best while feeling supported. I appreciate clarity of thought, personal integrity, and a good balance between perseverance and humble approach.
Anna Rosłanek
Chief People Officer
Collaboration and ownership are the two things that matter the most to me, professionally. As PMs, we typically work with teams of diverse skill sets and perspectives. It is our role to bring the biggest value out of such group dynamics but also own the effects of such teamwork.
Aleksandra Leończyk
Head of Project Delivery
Our work is based on trust and partnership in collaboration with the constant hunger for getting better.
Anna Góra
Head of Sales
I care about the high quality of the work we deliver at Apptension. I’m open to discussing solutions and receiving factual-based feedback with possible alternatives to any challenge we tackle. You can always count on me and my input, within the areas I feel passionate about, like technology. 
Michał Kleszcz
I make informed decisions based on the data. I am open to new ideas and will help you shape them and get them off the ground so you can succeed and provide value for the company.
Artur Gutkowski
When working with me, you can expect attention to detail and careful strategic planning. I value transparent information flow, proactiveness, creativity, and focus on outcomes when working in a team. My role is to keep the team aligned and focused on clear goals.
Zbigniew Czarnecki

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