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Customer Bundles
Expertise Based
From web and mobile app development to product discovery and building MVPs, we aim to meet the unique needs of startups, fuel innovation, and take your business to the next level.
Brain Hive
A business idea validation to give you customer feedback, a polished PoC, and all necessary materials for increased chances of securing funding and attracting customers.
MVP Forge
A swift way to develop an MVP solution, regardless of how far your product is in the discovery phase, the particularities of your industry, and individual requirements.
Full suite of premium development services to scale your MVP to a high-quality product – from product design and branding to E2E development and ongoing support. 
Accelerate your progress, validate ideas, and disrupt the market with a new product. Our goal is to drive growth and innovation and help make you a leader in the industry.
Supercharge your organization's development with our hands-on workshops and training courses designed to meet your team's skill level and desired topics.
Innovation Lab
Embark on a journey of in-depth discovery, user-centric design, tech validation, and strategic foresight together with an all-rounded team of industry pioneers.
Digital Disruption
A fusion of premium services with business understanding and hands-on experience – from discovery and product design to E2E development and maintenance.
Win over prospects effortlessly, boost brand engagement, and elevate your agency's game. Use our team’s expertise and knowledge to achieve remarkable results. 
The ultimate key to refining your pitch idea or leveraging tech and design expertise. Enhance your agency's proposal, increase its impact and the likelihood of winning over potential prospects.
Digital Campaigns
Take your events and digital campaigns to the next level with immersive experiences that span from mobile and web to AR&VR – from ideation through full development to on-site support.
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Product Design
Successful digital products should not only be visually appealing but also deeply aligned with user requirements. We designed a handful of our own apps, and using that experience, we can employ UserTesting, Empathy Maps, and Customer Journey Mapping to help you identify, examine, and validate the problem your product addresses. Then, use Figma and Adobe XD to prototype and design the precise solution.
Web App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development
Scalable, user-friendly, and efficient digital solutions ease achieving business goals. We understand it, and having created dozens of successful projects, we know how to utilize Python’s modularity to deliver web apps that are easy to maintain and expand, use React to craft dynamic user interfaces that adapt in real time, and leverage Vue.js to create lightweight yet powerful solutions.
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Modern mobile apps must be fast, stable, and compatible with multiple platforms to stand out. We can help you achieve that using React Native to provide all the values your customers might seek. And with our practical experience in the lifestyle, eCommerce, management and entertainment industries, we know how to hit your targets with high-performant, feature-packed, and user-friendly mobile applications. 
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Digital Experiences
Rich, immersive interactions reshape the way you talk to customers. We've created a bunch of such solutions for entertainment industry giants. That's why we are able to effectively utilize modern 3D web solutions like Three.js and WebGL, AR/VR experiences crafted with Unity and ARKit, and practical knowledge of Oculus and HTC Vive to deliver you tailored and immersive digital product.
Now it’s your turn to describe your vision and let us unveil the full potential of your ideas!

OUr Tech stack

We build ultra-performant and reliable software with the latest technologies under our belt. Let us find a best-matching framework that’ll exceed your product expectations.
react native
after effects

what partners say about us?

The code and the work were good quality and really what we were looking for. They were able to bring technical design thinking to the project. Project management was tight and I always knew what was happening.
Daniel Kiyoi
CEO & Founder Magic Dust
Daniel Kiyoi - Apptension Client
Apptension was flexible and professional. When I needed to quickly add capacity, it took a week or two at worst - often days. The cooperation enabled me to slowly scale up my own IT team, and the company was very helpful until the last moments of the transition.
Mateusz Oleksiuk
The technical creativity delivered by the team at Apptension was invaluable in the formation of our mixed reality start-up Hyper.
Nathan Sparshott
Co-Founder & CEO of Hyper
The SaaS Boilerplate Apptension built was a huge reason we were so successful, because all these little seemingly unrelated tasks and integrations needed to happen. If we had been working with anybody else, It would have probably taken months to do the same work.
Kwame Nyanning
CEO blkbx.
We needed their help to build the backend services and capabilities needed to deliver a production level on demand. Their ability to produce high-quality work with consistency while dealing with a new type of project was impressive.
Kelly O’Conor
Product Lead, Siberia
The project’s success has resulted in a long-term partnership for design and development. Apptension is a fantastic partner, who is willing to go above and beyond in order to deliver what the client needs.
Catarina Rocha
p(r)oud solutions
Apptension fared well in our project, working with our bespoke CMS and complex requirements. The designs were implemented well and the schedule was kept tight.
Christian Marc Schmidt
Partner at Schema

We’re partnering up with like-minded founders and brands since 2012

Apptension case study: Uber
Apptension client: Netflix

Why partners choose us?

Pixel-perfect designs
We’re quality-oriented with great attention to detail and design accuracy.
Crystal clear processes
We’re like an open book, not ashamed to show how we’re doing IT.
On-point and fast communication
Our teams are always in the loop of their projects, ready to keep the fast and on-point conversations.
Fully adjusted to operate internationally
We can easily align communication within different time zones.
We’re adjustable to individual needs. Hitting your budget, deadlines, and overall business goals.
to innovation
We make sure no industry update will go unnoticed past our experts, so you get a cutting-edge, personalized solution.

recent case studies

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Creative agency
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A website solution for an AI-based fertility tester
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Ecommerce store for selling contemporary art
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House maintenance app for South Africa
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