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Open positions

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Our recruitment process

Have you sent us your application? On average, we close our processes in 14 days. After each stage, our candidates receive feedback and our decision in 1-3 business business days.

Phone Interview

Our Recruiter - Ania - will contact you to briefly tell you about our company and position. You can also expect a few questions related to your experience and expectations.

Meeting with the Manager/TL

You will have the opportunity to meet your future Manager or Team Leader. We will want to get to know your competencies better, understand your role so far and talk about your aspirations in terms of further development.

Technical Meeting / Task

You are already at the final stage in our recruitment process, congratulations! Now we would like to confirm your skills in a practically. We will invite you to a workshop where you will have the opportunity to work on a task typical for the position you applied for. In the case of some positions, instead of a workshop, the last stage of recruitment will be a task. You will receive enough time for its execution to calmly prepare it and at the same time its execution will not be time-consuming for you.

Feedback & Decision

After the last stage of recruitment, we need about 2 days to provide you with the final decision, you will be informed about the waiting time for the decision during the last stage of the recruitment. You will always receive feedback from us, no matter what decision we make.

Our initiatives

Explore the initiatives and activities we engage in both during and after work hours.

Two people working at Apptension sitting together leisurely during an integration event

Wishlist is our crowdfunding platform, thanks to which we can make dreams come true and implement internal initiatives. Every month, each employee has a vote worth PLN 50, which he can spend on a selected goal.

CEO and CPO of Apptension standing together on a stage during an integration event
Knowledge shots

Once a month we train and develop our soft skills with an external guest to be able to collaborate and work as a Team, even better.

Two people holding awards they just won at Apptension office

Sparky is a gamification platform that adds more fun to your daily work. Gather points by completing various activities, compete with others to win a seasonal prize, and spend earned points on amazing rewards.

Two people having a discussion sitting at a desk in Apptension office
Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks are internal peer-to-peer presentations on professional and lifestyle topics that take place once a month.

Two people during a meeting at Apptension office, one standing by the wall, pointing to colorful cards there, another looking at the first one

Meetings dedicated to technology, technical knowledge and technological news. Thanks to these meetings, our developers are up-to-date with the news from the market knowledge.

A laptop standing on a conference table, in the background there are three people working at Apptension

During these meetings our employees can develop their testing skills.

Two people - product designers from Apptensions
Product Talks

Creating products is our speciality, during Design Talks we get to know this process from the perspective of product design specialists.

Two programmers standing by a whiteboard, one is pointing to something written on the board
Project Recap

Meetings of project teams (Devs, PMs, QA, Design), during which we get familiar with our colleagues' projects. We learn about the challenges they encountered and the lessons they took out.

Two people having a discussion sitting at a desk in Apptension office

We know quite a lot about hackathons (we managed to win one of the biggest Hack.summit(), beating 96k of other participants). Once a year, our specialists pick up the gloves and tackle the challenge.

Poz Tech Talks set, cameras and people are visible

POZTechTalks is a video podcast that we created with 2 other Poznań Technology Companies - Bitnoise and STX Next. Our experts share quite a lot of design experience and technical knowledge. A feast for technical people. - More photos

A colorful plate of food with a glass of juice beside it
Spring Awakening

Spring awakening is our week-long series of various activities that help brush off the winter sleep and walk awake into the Spring season.

A couple of people riding bikes on a dirt road in the forest
Summer Sports Challenge

At Apptension we love sport and competition! Throughout the month, our employees burn thousands of calories and travel thousands of kilometers to reach the "virtual" destination.

Cupcakes with birthday candles on them that were eaten on Apptension 10th birthday party
BDay Retreat

August celebrates our company's birthday where through a series of activities and a 3-day team integration we cherish all the beautiful moments.

One of Apptension's bosses, Zbigniew, giving away present boxes at Christmas party, another Apptensian visible on the right
XMas Week

How to feel the magic of Christmas? Just jump on our polar express and go on a journey with the unique Christmas characters that will surely need your help reaching the destination.

Two people working at Apptension during an integration event

Ranfee is our biweekly random online coffee shop gathering, where we can meet each other and talk just about anything.

Reliable _ tech ready to scale

We build ultra-performant and reliable software with the latest technologies under our belt. Let us find a best-matching framework that’ll exceed your product expectations.

Our awards

Recognitions for our exceptional work in the industry.

The webby awards

The Webby Awards have nominated our project for the “Best shopping websites” category - Top Software Developers 2022

Top Software Developers 2022 by Techreviewer

Most reviewed Product design companies Poland

One of Poland’s most reviewed and recommended product design companies by Manifest

Tech Behemots

TechBehemoths decided to grant us an Award for the best NodeJS, Python, and PHP services in Poland

Forbes Diamond Award

Forbes Diamonds - the fastest to increase their value during the last 5 years

Clutch award - Top developers Poland 2020

Top Development Company in Poland by Clutch

Cannes Lions

Bronze Award in the Mobile category Campaign: VisitBritain “The Only Place You Need to Go” by Cannes Lions

EB Creator

EB Kreator, an award for the Best Internal Employer Branding Campaign. An award for a Wishlist - our crowdfunding platform to vote by employees for their projects & wishes


SyFy: The Magicians - Awwwards Site of the Day

The h@ck summit

1st prize - Hack.summit() Koding Hackathon, 1st place in the world’s largest hackathon among 98,000 other participants


Find answers to commonly asked questions about careers at Apptension.

What are the stages of the recruitment process at Apptension?

Depending on whether you apply for a developer position or a role in another department, you will go through 3 different stages of recruitment.

Recruitment for developer positions:
1. Short interview with the Recruiter.
2. Technical interview with our Technical Recruiter / Team Leader.
3. Pair programming.
4. Decision and welcome on board :)

Other recruitments:
1. Short interview with the Recruiter.
2. Interview with the Manager.
3. Practical workshop or recruitment task.
4. Decision and welcome on board :)

Will I be recruited for a specific project?

No, we are looking for candidates to join us for long-term cooperation, not for a specific project. Projects are allocated immediately after you join the team, as agreed between you, your Team Leader and the Talent Allocation Specialist.

What does the onboarding process look like?

We want you to start working at Apptension equipped with the broadest possible knowledge and tools that will enable you to smoothly join the team. For the first three days, we will invite you to the office in Poznan, so that you can meet the team face-to-face, get to know our office and feel the vibe of Apptension a little better. Then, with the support of the team and Team Leader / Manager, you will gradually learn your responsibilities and tasks for the role.

How can I develop my skills working at Apptension?

At Apptension, we strive to ensure that you can constantly develop your competencies, we place great emphasis on continuous learning and improvement of hard and soft skills. Career paths will be the first signposts for your development, according to which, together with your Team Leader or Manager, you will plan the next steps and goals of your professional development. Our regular internal events such as DevTalk, QAtalk, Product Talk, Knowledge Shot, and Coffee break will help you acquire useful technical knowledge and develop your soft skills.

You can also use your training budget to buy e.g. a course or a book that interests you.

Do I work 100% remotely at Apptension or will I show up at the office?

Our office is conveniently located in the center of Poznań and we will invite you to join us on the first 3 days of your onboarding. The office is open, so you can drop by to work whenever you feel like it, but you might as well work completely remotely, meeting face-to-face with the rest of the team during workshops, training sessions or integration events.

How big are the project teams you work with?

We always adjust team size to the needs and requirements of the project. Usually, we work in teams of 4 to 7 people consisting of a Project Manager, Developers, QA and Product Designer.

Can I work part-time?

Ultimately, we are looking for people to join us full-time, which is related to the business needs and those of our clients. However, there are exceptions - if you know that the situation is temporary, because, for example, you finish your studies and will become available full-time for a few / several weeks, it is worth trying. There is a chance that we will find an optimal solution for both parties.

Are there any internships at Apptension?

Due to the degree of difficulty and advancement of the projects implemented at Apptension, internships are organized very rarely. In most cases, we are looking for candidates who have already gained at least several months of commercial experience.

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P&C Team

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