The mobile app is a giant industry with immense growth potential; a gross consumer spending of 170 billion on mobile apps was recorded in 2021, up from 143 billion USD in 2020. These incredible stats hint at the significance of the mobile app market and why it's the right time to jump into the mobile app business. However, one needs exceptional mobile app idea to taste success in this highly competitive market.

This blog post will thoroughly discuss the top ten tips to find new app ideas with the potential to disrupt the market.

1. Spot a problem

Developing an app to solve a problem is the most common scenario you may think about while brainstorming for mobile app ideas. So let’s look around us, primarily mobile apps from Tinder, Foodpanda, and Uber to Spotify; all the top-rated mobile apps are easing people's lives by offering a solution to their minor problems.

Developing a mobile app that has the potential to disrupt the global mobile app market is not rocket science. It just required you to find a daily life problem with an executable solution. You can follow the enlisted steps to spot a problem and find a new app idea:

  • Start analyzing every moment of your life. And ask your team or friends to do the same for a few days.
  • Note down every minor-to-major problem you're facing in your daily life. Writing every minor-to-minor situation during this brainstorming process is vital.
  • Set a meeting to discuss all the points you and your team have noted during this process.
  • Highlight the most common problem faced by all of you.
  • Is there any mobile app offering solutions to these daily life problems? If yes, how helpful is it?
  • Now, discuss the best solutions to solve these daily life problems. Keep repeating this process to find executable simple app ideas.

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2. Don't think about the revenue factor

It's pretty natural to think about the revenue factor while brainstorming for iOS or android app ideas. However, considering revenue streams at such early stages is not recommended. It needs time to convert the ideas into businesses; even many great ones don't make money at the initial stages.

Never think about the revenue streams while brainstorming for mobile app ideas.

Experts suggest focusing on exceptional application ideas and ways to ensure user experience. Even WhatsApp didn’t have any revenue stream at the initial stages, now, it's one of the world’s most used applications. Thinking about revenue streams will thwart you from working on great application ideas. You can find multiple revenue streams after getting market acceptance for your app.

3. Take inspiration from the existing apps

Analyzing the existing mobile application is a great way to find new app ideas. Look for glitches, issues in user experience, and opportunities to make a better version of an existing app. You can use the concept of an existing app with a refined user interface, improved user experience, and additional features to grab the market’s attention.

Similarly, you can take inspiration from the basic concept of popular mobile applications. For instance, renowned apps Foodpanda, Careem, and Uber are working on the same basic idea of instantly fulfilling consumers' particular needs. You can follow this concept to develop an app for a specific industry, desperately looking for an intelligent solution.

4. Explore the social media

Social media is a superb place to brainstorm for the best app ideas. 59% of the global population is on social media, according to a July 2022 report. Deep social media analysis will unravel public pain points and exceptional mobile application ideas.

People love to write on social media about their life's ups and downs, share their success stories, candid moments, and much more. You need to follow social media influencers and SM trends and perform keyword analysis on social media platforms to come across a diverse range of content. It will enable you to understand the need of the market and think from a different perspective to uncover the best app ideas.

5. Google mobile application ideas

Google is the prime source of information for today's generation, and it can provide quality results if you know how to use Google like a pro. It might seem absurd to Google for mobile application ideas, but you will be surprised to get many executable ones.

Search for "great app ideas 2022" and set the filter to "past month" to view the recently published blogs. This simple Google search will unravel the tens of blog posts regarding the best app ideas. These blogs will assist you in comprehending the market trend and start thinking from a new perspective to hunt a new app idea.

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6. Adding value to the smartphones

83.3% of the global population have smartphones, as discussed earlier; you may think about adding value to smartphones to grab this giant market attention. For instance, a smartphone can perform calculations through an intelligent calculator app; we no longer need to carry calculators. Think on the same note to develop an application that can add value to smartphones and make people's lives easier.

Mobile battery timing is critical in this fast pace world. Can you develop an app to optimize battery usage? Can we play the guitar with a mobile app? First, listen to your friends, family, and colleagues about the missing features. Then, develop a mobile app idea that can add value to smartphones; success is yours.

7. Keep an eye on the industry trends

Keep tracking the latest trends in the mobile apps industry to learn what steps industry-leading apps are taking to meet consumers' expectations. It's essential to closely follow your industry if you want to find great app ideas. You can follow the enlisted tips to learn about the new trends in your industry,

  • Follow the bright-minded renowned influencers of your industry on social media.
  • Read blog posts, articles, and research papers regarding your industry to learn about the new trends and consumers' varying expectations.
  • Use analytics tools like Google Trend, Nichehunt, and Prophet to know what people are searching for, the latest trends, and the demand for specific content on a time scale.

Following the latest trends will unravel the potential opportunities and market gaps. You can use this information for brainstorming and research to develop unique mobile application ideas.

8. Interact with people

Interacting with people is a perfect way of brainstorming to get unique ideas and initial responses toward an application idea. Go online to discuss the basic concepts with random people or talk to friends & family, employees, and colleagues to discuss all possible mobile app ideas.

In this social media era, interacting with the general public or a targeted audience group is easier than ever. You may join social media groups or head to the Q&A sites like Quora and other online discussion forums to ask questions and share ideas to get general public views.

9. Visualize the future

Visualize the future to get great app ideas that can impact the market. Market-leading apps like Netflix and Uber have impacted industries and changed people's lives. Pioneers of such apps must have innovative minds and the capability to visualize the future.

A few years back, who could think of challenging the cinema industry or booking a cab ride from anywhere and anytime? But they have the future vision and smartness to timely execute their ideas.

You may follow in the footsteps of such bright-minded people to visualize the future and create your dream world to get some great mobile app ideas. So keep envisioning the future of particular services or industries to get an idea and work on it to execute at the right time.

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10. Attend conferences

Meeting like-minded people and leaders in your industry is a great way to get inspiration. You can ask questions to the industry leaders in such conferences & conventions and talk to the other participants to learn about the latest trends. Attending such meetings will enable you to think from different perspectives and refine your ideas.

Attending conferences is relatively more straightforward nowadays; traveling to London, New York, or Dubai is not essential to participate in a mobile app development conference to learn about the new mobile app market trends.

You can attend digital meetings on the mobile app industry or any other topic through Twitter space, Facebook live, YouTube live, and other such platforms from the comfort of your home. Ensure to attend every conference regarding the mobile apps industry to keep an eye on every development in your industry.

Top 10 tips on how to find new app ideas. Final words

We hope this blog post will help you brainstorm exceptional mobile application ideas. Follow these tips and keep repeating them until you come across an incredible mobile app idea.

Do you have an exceptional mobile app ideal? Let's share it with Apptension's expert team to get it refined and perfectly executed. We have a proven track record of converting ideas into businesses – collaborate to let us repeat it for you this time.