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12 reasons why SaaS CRM is a must-have for modern businesses

Written by
Zuzanna Olszewska
Published on
May 15, 2023

In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, SaaS CRM has emerged as a vital tool for companies to thrive. By streamlining sales processes, enhancing customer experiences, and offering real-time analytics, CRM as a service is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. Discover how selecting the right SaaS CRM platform aligns with unique business goals, fosters collaboration, and drives overall efficiency.

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You've probably heard about SaaS CRM if you have read about business trends. A whopping 81% of companies are expected to use AI-powered CRM in 2023 to increase their productivity. It means that nowadays, every business should include customer relationship management (CRM) software to be able to be competetive. It provides a single view of your customers and streamlines your communication, even though it requires more investment than other technology.

When choosing a CRM, you should look for something reasonable that can help you immediately, isn't too complicated, and focuses on your business's needs. 72% of businesses believe that investing in CRM will increase your ROI. It will also help you expand your business. Still unsure about it? Let's have a deep look at this concept!

An overview of SaaS CRM

It's the umbrella term for all the procedures, techniques, and tools businesses employ to control their connections with existing and new clients. "Customer is king" is a proverb widely used in many businesses. CRM enables organizations to establish customer relationships, fostering loyalty while increasing customer retention. In addition, it's a management method that boosts a company's profits since revenue and customer loyalty are two factors that influence a company's revenue.

A CRM tool's primary function is to build a straightforward user interface for a set of data that enables organizations to identify and interact with consumers in a scalable fashion.

Revolutionize your business with CRM SaaS: reasons why it's a must-have for modern companies

Customer relationship management offers a multitude of benefits to businesses. For example:

Improved inter-departmental cooperation

Since CRM software is designed to be used by all departments within an organization, it can help improve interdepartmental communication and cooperation. With a centralized customer information database, teams can share pertinent details more easily. This makes it easier for sales and marketing teams to collaborate on campaigns and promotions, which in turn helps increase conversions.

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Automating repetitive processes with CRM software

CRM software automates repetitive tasks like lead qualification or follow-up emails. It helps to reduce the time spent on these tasks so you can focus more on closing deals. In addition, this will free up your team's time so they can work on other projects that will drive growth.

Accompany the customer journey

A customer journey is a timeline through which a customer interacts with your business, from initial contact to final purchase. A successful customer journey involves strong marketing and sales efforts with effective customer service. Because this is a dynamic process, businesses need a reliable platform that keeps up with their changing needs throughout their lifecycle.

Efficiency towards appropriate centralized data management

CRM solutions can help businesses optimize efficiency by centralizing data management and streamlining processes across all departments, including HR and IT teams. This allows for a more thorough analysis of each step in the customer journey, so companies can make better decisions about improving their services and boosting future revenue.

Reduce customer churn

When clients stop doing business with you because of subpar service or a lack of interest in your business, this is known as customer churn. This can be expensive for any company because it results in missed sales and earnings and a negative reputation among other clients who may have heard about the occurrence. On the other hand, it enables businesses to improve customer service, successfully handle sales leads, and ensure no conflicts between various divisions within the organization. It can also assist in reducing customer turnover.

Automated data entry

Automated data entry is one of the most significant benefits of using SaaS CRM. A CRM program enables your sales, marketing, and customer care staff to access the same data and assist your employees with automating data entry. Since it is a centralized system, they can virtually access the data from the database without any delays. In addition, your team may share information in a personalized way with the help of a CRM software solution.

They can use this to promote your goods and services to a considerable extent. Furthermore, if you choose more sophisticated CRM SaaS solutions, you may quickly eliminate duplicate items from the database.

Support for providing the best traceability matrix and data protection capability

SaaS CRM software provides a complete traceability matrix and data protection capability to all users in an organization. As a result, the system can help improve productivity, save time, and secure all information.

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Real-time data insights

Another great benefit of using SaaS CRM is that it provides real-time data insights about your sales activity. This ultimately helps you make better decisions about future actions needed to increase sales volume and improve customer satisfaction rate.

Automatic updates and maintenance

All SaaS CRM solutions have automatic updates and maintenance, so you don't have to worry about running updates yourself. You don't need technical expertise and knowledge to keep your account up-to-date and secure from cyber threats.

Improved collaboration and teamwork

Multiple users from different departments can collaborate on one project easily with SaaS CRM software. For example, to focus on their respective tasks, sales representatives can share leads with marketing team members. In this way, no valuable leads are lost along the way since everyone has access to all relevant information about them.

Better forecasting and predictive modeling

SaaS CRM software enables companies to forecast revenues, keep client profiles up to date, examine consumer behavior, and anticipate needs. As a result, it allows them to decide more effectively which goods and services to offer clients. It also makes it easier to customize goods and services to satisfy customers' particular requirements. By doing this, firms may fulfill customer demands by producing less. It can also help in avoiding dead inventory.  

Streamlined customer service and support

SaaS CRM software allows businesses to monitor customer service performance individually — whether that means responding to emails or phone calls within 24 hours or offering discounts for loyal customers. It also allows them to track their responses to identify areas for improvement or where they're doing well. In addition, tracking each response lets administrators determine how much time is spent on each issue so they can budget accordingly.

How to choose the right SaaS CRM solution: a comprehensive Guide

Though more options and technological advancements bring ease, too many options complicate the process. Before making a choice, you should consider deployment alternatives, customizability, price, scalability, and business value. Among the myriad other factors to think about and weigh, your demands are a crucial consideration to take into account when selecting a SaaS CRM for your company.

A company's needs must be carefully considered. You can save time and money if you choose wisely. Here're some tips to help you choose the right CRM.

Define your business needs

Before shopping around for SaaS CRM software, take some time to define your business needs.

  • What's the purpose of your CRM?
  • How will it help improve efficiency or increase revenue?
  • Which features are most important to you?

It is also important to consider who will use the CRM and what data they will access.

  • Is there an existing system that can be integrated with the new one?
  • Do employees need access from multiple locations or devices?
  • Will they need training before they can use it?

Research your options

Before making a purchase decision, research available options and ask for recommendations from colleagues or vendors.

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Evaluate demo versions

Use free trial software versions to understand how well it works with your existing systems and employees' workflows. Test the software on-site to see how well it integrates with other programs used by your company.

Consider customization options

If you'd like to make changes to the software after purchasing it (for example, adding integration points or changing field types), evaluate customization options before buying anything. Some products have an extensive library of user-generated plugins that let you customize your experience. Others specialize in custom development work for larger companies — but these might cost more than standard packages.

Evaluate user-friendliness

When choosing a CRM solution, consider how easy it is for your employees to use. Your business only grows if your employees will effectively use the software.

Ensure compatibility with other systems

Ensure any new hardware and software you purchase for your office will work seamlessly with existing options. Your company will save time and money by avoiding compatibility issues with other systems.

Final words: the benefits of CRM SaaS for long-term success

Today's businesses need SaaS CRM to stay competitive. With its ability to streamline sales processes, enhance customer experience, and provide real-time analytics, CRM as a service has become a must-have for companies of all sizes. When evaluating SaaS CRM software solutions, businesses must consider their unique needs and goals carefully. Following the guidelines outlined above, businesses can identify the right SaaS CRM platform that aligns with their business goals, enhances collaboration, and improves overall efficiency.

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