Dear fellow designers,

While working remotely from Berlin (love the city!), I took the opportunity to learn from the best and reached out to a number of design studios’ founders and design leaders. I wanted to gather material that would allow me to create an insightful UX Handbook to be shared with the community. I had the pleasure of talking to six highly skilled individuals with vast experience in creating outstanding digital experiences. We spoke about their design process, best UX practices, and what they are looking for in UX designers.

Now, it is time to share lessons learnt. Findings from interviews have been synthesised and I’ve divided them into eight meaningful sections for you to easily digest. Each section is simply a collection of UX insights and pointers shared by my guests. We leave it up to you to evaluate these observations, that is why there are no editor’s comments.

We will share the handbook’s sections one by one, adding two a week for the whole of August. Today, we have for you:

Sections no 5️⃣ & 6️⃣:  

Other, already published sections include:

  1. Approach see how others view UX design and what values they follow in their work.
  2. Design team check out to see how design leaders are structuring their teams and why.
  3. Skills and knowledgelearn more about what skills and knowledge leaders look for the most when hiring UX designers.
  4. Product discoveryget pro insights about how to carry out a successful discovery (ideation) phase.

Thank you for reading the first part

Hopefully you all found something inspiring or thought-provoking in the slides and maybe even something you can employ in your own work. Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts, we would love to hear your feedback.

And to all my conversation partners: thank you! I really appreciate you taking some time out of your busy schedules to share your perspective. It has been an enriching experience for me and hopefully equally so for the readers.

My conversation partners:

  • Pawel Nowatorski, a Creative Director at YND Digital Product Studio.
  • Dario Zampetti, the founder of the UX research & Prototype agency New Monday.
  • Mario Parra, a Graphic Designer, illustrator and UI/UX designer at OQ Design.
  • Behrad Mirafshar, the founder at Bonanza Design, the innovation powerhouse, UX Mentor & Speaker.  
  • Sergey Skip, a freelance Product Designer and Art Director.
  • Marcel Sobieski, the founder of Mobiteam.

Stay tuned, next sections are coming!