On August 5th, we launched the closed beta for our very own product - Teamdeck. This is the resource management software with time tracking, scheduling, and leave management features. We first gave early access to the beta users, and now it’s become available to everyone. Here at Apptension we have four years’ experience of creating software people love.

As a team, we spend a lot of time together, both at work and various events, be it playing table games or having a bonfire night. But even a close-knit team like ours has its issues every now and then. Because no matter how efficient and well-managed you are, time and resource management are often a thorn in the side. As it turned out, most agencies seemed to suffer from the same pain. See, as a software house, we have the opportunity to work with several production companies and digital agencies, and talking to all the talented people working there made us realise the management problem was universal.

For instance, even if a tool provides the visibility into your employees’ current projects, it’s still not too useful if you can’t see their availability. There are even more challenges on your way if, like many companies these days, you have some employers working part-time, remotely, or outsource your work. If you try keeping it all within spreadsheets, you’ll lose track of what’s getting done fairly quickly and have no idea about your company’s resource usage efficiency. And, let’s be honest here, if your company resources are not used efficiently, you could just as well pack up your toys and go home, because your business may not survive too long.

Of course, there were separate tools for resource booking, time tracking and leave management but what most of us needed was all-in-one software. So we took 8 months to craft one solution that would satisfy all those needs expressed, and that’s how teamdeck came into being. The app comes with a 14-day free trial so that you can test it to your heart’s content before you decide to make a commitment. To rev up your experience even more, grab a free copy of our ebook on best practices in resource management. And if you’d like to get a tour around teamdeck, you can always book my time. Bonus: if you use Podio for project management, you can kill (metaphorically!) two birds with one stone: teamdeck's had Podio integration from the get go because that’s our PM weapon of choice.

Sounds too good to be true? Get a sneak peek at teamdeck:

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