With AR technology being more accessible, AR experience is a common guest in one's marketing campaign. SDKs like ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android) make it easier and more cost-efficient to create an AR experience. Plus, users need just their phones to use AR apps.

Social media, geofenced experiences, digital showrooms, outdoor ads and mobile apps – these are just a few possible implementations of experiences using AR. Here are 4 inspiring augmented reality campaigns that caught our eyes in 2018. We can make your AR project happen. Get in touch to talk about your idea and take a look at augmented reality experiences we’ve delivered for our clients.

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Augmented Reality Campaign in Advertising

One of the first brands to use augmented reality in an advertising campaign was BMW Mini with their 2008 print magazine ad. AR experiences were also used in outdoor ads, e.g. in Pepsi’s famous bus stop experience.

But it wasn’t until 2016, when the success of Pokemon Go helped brands realize the potential of using AR in their marketing campaigns on a large scale. Today, as people can interact with AR using just their phones and the technology becoming easier to develop with frameworks like ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android), brands can craft their own compelling messages and reach worldwide audiences. Here are 4 inspiring AR campaigns from 2018 you should know.

1. #ScotlandIsNow campaign’s Portal AR app

A great example of using AR to promote a country is Portal AR, an app that literally lets users step into Scotland. Created by Whitespace creative agency, the app includes 360 videos to promote living, working, studying, visiting or investing in Scotland.

PortalAR | Promo from Whitespace on Vimeo.

By scanning the surroundings, users can create their own portals on any flat surface, and then step into them to watch videos and brilliant illustrations.

2. KIKK Festival 2018 AR art exhibition

Since its beginnings in 2011, KIKK Festival promotes digital and creative cultures. During the 8th edition, it brought 20 outdoor and indoor exhibitions to the city of Namur, Belgium. Additionally, attendees could experience 7 art pieces accessible only as AR experiences, blending physical with digital.

KIKK Festival 2018 - Augmented Reality Exhibit
from KIKK Festival on Vimeo.

To uncover the art pieces hidden in augmented reality, attendees had to use the festival’s mobile app. The app also played a role of a digital tour guide, making it easier to experience all exhibitions.

3. A/R Jordan social commerce experience

After decades on the market, the Jordan brand is still famous. But today, it faces a unique challenge – how to sell Jordans to a generation who hasn’t seen “His Airness” on a court? In 2018, for the NBA All-Star Weekend, the R/GA digital agency created a Snapchat AR experience with Michael Jordan’s famous ‘88 Slam Dunk Contest shot.

A/R Jordan
from Dan Harbison on Vimeo.

What makes it different from other Snapchat filters? A/R Jordan is a first social commerce experience using augmented reality. Within the app, users could not only see MJ’s ‘88 pose on geofenced court in downtown LA, but also shop the updated edition of sneakers Jordan wore at the event. The effect: the shoes sold out in 23 minutes.

4. Welcome to Marwen AR mobile app

The final entry holds a special place in my heart, since our development team has been directly involved in its creation. For Robert Zemeckis’ film Welcome to Marwen, we developed an augmented reality app.

With the app, users can screen the film’s 3D scene on any flat surface, view it from any angle, take pictures and share them on social media, and learn more about characters.

The app, created with ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android), offered a unique experience of stepping into the film’s world. Enriched with director’s intro and some behind the scenes materials, it was an experience never seen before in film promotion.

Create your own AR campaign

Using augmented reality in your digital and marketing strategies helps your campaigns stand out. But in order to do so, it has to offer a unique approach – another Snapchat filter won’t impress your audience, but connecting it with a strong brand, an event or a possibility to become a part of a limited experience will.

To create a great AR digital campaign, you should remember that a good ad:

  • Is memorable
  • Is easy to share
  • Offers a unique point of view on the subject
  • Helps audience connect with a story or a brand

We help brands with implementing augmented reality into their campaigns.

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