A curated list of telemedicine apps and medtech companies on the rise


Rapid growth of telemedicine is a vivid example of how technology influences healthcare industry. Constant searching for convenient and instant solutions enhances the development of market-transforming telemedicine applications.

Global telemedicine was valued USD 31.46 billion in 2018*, and is expected to keep growing until becoming a new standard in worldwide healthcare infrastructure. In the face of current COVID-19 pandemic, performance of telemedicine apps is even more spectacular than ever before.

Most of them introduced special solutions and services dedicated to patient’s stuck at home in need of top quality healthcare solutions.
Let's catch a glimpse of the compilation of 7 best telemedicine apps & startups worth following these days.

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Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is a platform helping patients to contact doctors over live video. Their services are available 24/7, with an average waiting time under 10 minutes.

By cooperating with certified physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, they focus on both mind and body and provide comprehensive, holistic healthcare. Their standard includes full diagnoses and treatments online, together with a wide range of services supporting general well-being.

Moreover, Doctor on Demand dedicates their offer also to companies providing healthcare benefits for their employees. Doctor on Demand was supported by investors like Goldman Sachs, Venrock, Tenaya Capital or Shasta Ventures and managed to raise USD 160.7 million.


If you've ever paid too much for urgent healthcare services, MDLive is the solution. Their remote medical help allows to see the doctor 24/7 through mobile app, PC or just a phone call.

They treat more than 50 non-emergency issues, with dermatology and behavioural health as their specializations. MDLive team cooperates with medics trained to use technology and does their best to ensure privacy and security of all scheduled online visits.

By providing top quality healthcare, they help to avoid high costs of using urgent services with just a few clicks. The project was supported by Bedford Funding, Heritage Group, Sentara, Sutter Health among others and raised USD 123.6 million in total.

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Lemonaid was founded with the mission to bring ultra low cost healthcare across America. They provide treatment for various non-emergency issues, including hair loss, birth control, erectile dysfunctions, acne, migraines, UTI and more.

Moreover, they support smokers in quitting their addiction and offer a wide range of mental care services. Lemonaid is even capable of providing medicines with no need to visit pharmacies.

How? Each appointment is preceded by an online questionnaire about the symptoms and follow up with additional questions done by the team of qualified medics. The process is completed with a delivery within 2-3 working days, which is convenient and discreet.


Amwell, a Boston-based telemedicine company, connects not only patients with healthcare providers, but also doctors and medical specialists. Their major goal is to increase quality of healthcare and improve access to medical services across the globe.

They treat both mental and physical diseases by providing comprehensive online services: diagnoses, treating, monitoring and sending prescriptions right to a pharmacy of patient's choice.

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Doctors cooperating with Amwell are available anytime via PC or smartphone application. Most of the visits take just minutes, and all relevant medical records are kept directly in the app and can be reviewed within next visits with no additional questioning and researching.

This is the success-defining testimony we heard from Amwell, contracting and empowering top medical professionals across America:

(...)Amwell is enabling providers with the tools needed to provide easily accessible quality care, while allowing patients to continue seeing their own providers when desired.

Amwell's PR team

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Plush Care

Plush Care is yet another promising example of a telemedicine app. With doctors having 15 years of medical experience on board, Plush Care provides high quality virtual healthcare services for whole families. Their goal is to help people live longer, happily and away from doctors' waiting rooms.

Appointments at Plush Care can be scheduled via chat, phone or video and booked directly in the app. By cooperating with insurance programs, pharmacies and labs, they provide comprehensive medical services with no hidden costs.

Doctors plan treatments right during online visits and send prescriptions to local pharmacies of patient's choice. That brings the highest possible comfort and complexity of using healthcare services in 2020.

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The goal of HealthTap is helping patients via dynamic, innovative, AI-based technology. They provide one of the best virtual healthcare programs in the US starting from only $10 per month.

They handle every step of medical processes, including diagnoses, treatments, follow ups, and all the visits are held online. They cooperate with certified doctors connected into HealthTap Doctor Network which helps them to exchange knowledge between their professionals.

HealthTap supports both individuals and businesses, offering benefits beyond the standard. Services are available 24/7 from any device and are friendly even for doctor-averse patients, always hesitating to schedule an appointment.

Such an easy access to medical services help to improve their attitude and quality of their daily life. This is how HealthTap speaks about providing comprehensive 24/7 medical information:

HealthTap started with the premise of providing personalized answers to questions from doctors, so that people didn’t have to rely on the internet at large for instant information (...). From there, HealthTap built an AI-powered symptom checker and video visits with doctors.

by Sean Mehra, Chief Strategy Officer

Talk Space

Unlike many general telemedicine apps, Talk Space puts their efforts into improving mental health first. Patients work with certified mental health professionals fit to their individual needs - once they have their therapists matched, they start their regular online treatments.

There are various payment plans available, so everyone can choose an option suitable for them. Moreover, Talk Space delivers services not only to individuals, but also to employers and educational institutions, providing and promoting mental health support across professional and academic environment.

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As telemedicine market is expected to grow more than 19% by 2025*, it's supposed not only to become a standard healthcare industry, but even to beat traditional medical procedures.

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