Austin, Texas, has quickly grown its reputation as a hub for entrepreneurship and technology. Its booming economy, a highly-educated workforce, and supportive community of investors and mentors make it an ideal place for startups to thrive. So if you want to know about the best Austin startups to look for in 2023 and what value they bring, let's dive into the details!


  • Founder: Lukas Quanstrom
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Industry: Tech Data Security

Founded in 2017, Ontic is a SaaS-based platform that collects data from multiple sources and informs security professionals about potential security risks. The company raised its first seed round of $4.6 million in 2019 to expand its security services and provide a better user experience. It's among the protective intelligence Texas startups that keep an eye on physical threats and guard assets of any kind.

Moreover, the company assists security professionals in analyzing and protecting employees and customers from various cybersecurity attacks and external threats. The best part about this startup is that it offers guidance through strategic consulting, leadership training, multidimensional education, etc.


  • Founders: Arlo Gilbert, Scott Hertel
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Industry: Business Compliance

Osano is a provider of data privacy compliance that helps businesses follow various privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, and was founded in 2018. This platform has raised impressive funding of $19.4 million from 12 different investors to spread their network and improve the services.

The company offers a range of tools and services that allow companies to manage their data privacy policies, automate compliance tasks, and monitor data flows. This ensures that they are in line with the latest data protection regulations.

Moreover, Osano allows companies to monitor vendors they share data with to ensure no privacy or data breach. Their mission is to make data privacy more accessible and manageable for businesses and to help build trust between companies and their customers.

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  • Founders: Ed Sturrock, Jim Jacobsen, Omair Tariq
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Industry: E-commerce Tech

Founded in 2020, is designed to help brands increase their online presence and profitability by providing top-notch end-to-end solutions. Since its foundation, the company has raised around eight funding rounds, raising $499.8 million from 19 investors. This platform offers businesses a range of services and software tools for selling online products. Customers also enjoy other services such as website creation, order management, inventory tracking, and shipping and fulfillment services. also offers marketing and advertising services to help businesses reach and engage with customers online. Their goal is to help businesses of all sizes to create and run successful online stores with minimal effort and technical expertise. In addition, they aim to simplify the e-commerce process and offer a range of tools that can be tailored to meet the needs of each business.


  • Founder: Michelle Davey
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Industry: Telemedicine

You may be wrong if you think the shopping industry is the only one hit by the digital revolution. With the increase in technological innovation, telemedicine is also getting well-deserved hype. The wheel is a top-notch telemedicine company with the aim of putting health care within everyone's reach. It was founded in 2018, and until now, they have raised $65.6 million from different investors.

This platform allows clinicians to provide excellent healthcare services virtually through messages, video calls, etc. It's helpful for people living in remote areas where quality healthcare services aren't available. The company believes that the healthcare department will move forward when it provides virtual care services for patients worldwide.

Bright Health

  • Founder: Robert John Sheehy
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Industry: Healthcare

Founded in 2015, Bright Health is another healthcare company that utilizes advanced technology to make quality treatment more accessible. The company raised $80 million in its first round and is among the top Austin startups to look for in 2023. Bright Health partners with healthcare providers and hospitals to offer coordinated, personalized care to its members.

In addition, it offers a range of health insurance plans, including individual and family plans, medicare advantage plans, and employer-sponsored plans. The health plans are renewed yearly and emphasize mental health, adult dental, and vision insurance. They are committed to improving the healthcare experience for its members by offering affordable and high-quality care personalized to their needs.

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Fox Robotics

  • Founder: Charles DuHadway, Peter Anderson-Sprecher
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Industry: Logistics Tech

Fox Robotics is a tech logistics company that steps towards automating forklifts that load and carry couriers and other logistics material. The company was founded in 2018 and raised $13 million in its first round from top investors like Eniac Ventures and AME Cloud Ventures. These robotics forklifts easily get installed in an hour and unload a trailer at a speed of 25 pallets per hour.

Moreover, this company makes use of machine learning, robotics, optimization, and proper planning to make forklifts that are smart, safe, and easy to use. Fox is committed to increasing logistics companies' productivity so they can spend more time on other vital operations.

Athena Security

  • Founder: Lisa Falzone, Chris Ciabarra
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Industry: Firearms Detection Tech

Athena Security is one of the top startups in Austin that protects precious lives by detecting firearms and preventing crimes. It was founded in 2018, and the company's total funding is now around $5.6 million. Typically, this startup utilizes AI detection technology that can easily detect over 900 types of guns or firearms. Moreover, they use computer vision and machine learning to analyze video feeds in real-time and detect potential threats, such as weapons or intruders.

One of Athena Security's primary offerings is the Athena Gun Detection System, designed to identify firearms and alert authorities in real time.

This technology is used in schools, hospitals, and other public spaces to help prevent gun violence, making it among the best startups in Austin. Other products include the Athena Entry Control System, which uses facial recognition technology to grant access to authorized personnel, and the Athena Intrusion Detection System, which uses AI to detect potential break-ins and send alerts to security personnel.


  • Founder: Samm Anderegg
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Industry: Healthcare, Pharmacists

Docstation is one of the most brilliant healthcare technology Austin startups that connect pharmacists directly with patients or payers. Founded in 2017, Docstation has raised around $3.4 million to make its services more accessible.

This platform is designed to streamline communication and coordination between healthcare providers, pharmacies, and patients. Hence, managing prescriptions and medication regimens becomes more accessible and more efficient. Moreover, the company offers a range of features, including electronic prescribing, medication synchronization, medication therapy management, medication adherence programs, and more.

They equip pharmacists with the right tools and incentives that allow them to make patients' lives better. Their ultimate goal is to help pharmacies improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by leveraging technology to enhance medication management and patient care.

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Crave Retail

  • Founder: Matthew Cyr
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Industry: E-commerce Tech

You may not know this, but 85% of shoppers leave dressing rooms and abandon an intended purchase due to a lack of proper assistance. So, to help businesses engage better with shoppers and make a good revenue, Matthew Cyr came up with the idea of Crave Retail. It's among a few of the exciting Austin startups to help stores provide their customers with the best-in-class digital fitting room experience.

Moreover, this Crave Retail app reduces consumer friction and captures data to predict customer behaviors and preferences. Shoppers can reserve clothes at a store, book a fitting room having all their selected items, and request real-time sizes. Once satisfied, they can check out directly from the app and make purchases.


  • Founders: Anthony Ghosn, Joe Lonsdale, Joe Lonsdale
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Industry: Home Improvement Tech

First founded in 2016, Hearth is among the amazing home improvement startup companies in Austin. This platform offers cutting-edge technology solutions to contractors who want to sell faster and win more projects. In round B, the company raised around $47.8 million from investors like 8VC and The Chainsmokers.

They offer users excellent sales, marketing, and financing tools to help them improve their customers' experience. The best part about this platform is that it saves contractors from hefty dealer fees and maximizes their profit margins.


  • Founder: Renji Bijoy
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Industry: Business Productivity Tech

Technology is quickly changing the business industry, and with Immersed, you can grab new talent irrespective of the location. This platform provides remote rooms where people can co-work and discuss business-related tasks in digital conference rooms. Additionally, it allows you to work with around four people in a virtual space and share as many screens as you want with others.

The remote onboarding feature allows teams to brainstorm new ideas and decide the best suitable business strategy. Their primary goal is to help you set up a virtual business and collaborate with potential employees worldwide. Due to its versatility and flexibility, it's quickly becoming one of the top Austin startups!

Top Austin startups in 2023. Conclusion

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