Freelance v In-House v Software House for Software Development

Imagine walking through a rowdy street market with only a general idea of what you want to get. Vendors crowd you immediately, offering their plentiful wares. The choice is stunning! You can get what you want, how you want. 

However, a rowdy market - this is more or less how the IT services market looks today, especially for less established businesses. Only instead of trinkets, we have hundreds of approaches to create a new product. A freelancer you talk to tells you in-house teams are expensive, and that Python is the best tech for your cat horoscope web app. A software house lists all the big clients they worked with, and no, they say, Python is absolutely horrible for your needs. 

So, how to judge them, and where is the truth?

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5 Steps to Safe Website Development Outsourcing

Why would you decide on web development outsourcing? It may be that you’re running out of time and need a hand completing a major project. It may be that your technological skills are next to nothing and you simply have to relegate a task to someone else. Or perhaps you’ve learnt that outsourcing web development projects to another company may save you money. 

Regardless of the reason, there are 5 major steps to follow while outsourcing website development. They are valid not only when looking for the contractor and negotiating the deal, but also throughout the project completion. 

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Long Term Cooperation Between a Software House and a Creative Agency

Have you decided on a long-term cooperation with a software company? Congratulations as you’ve just acquired a new business partner! 

And by choosing your business partners, you are creating a long-term relationship that aims to be mutually beneficial. Some ground rules apply: it should be based on trust, good communication, and success in achieving joint goals. That is why it is so important to build cooperation with a company whose competencies complement yours and help you grow more effectively, with due regard to your values.

Having a trusted partner negates the tricky need to look for a new contractor for every project, but stops short of replacing the partner’s capacity internally. That is why it is worth betting on a long-term relationship with a reliable partner. But more on that later!

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Benefits of Outsourcing IT Projects to Poland

Outsourcing IT projects is rightly seen as a cost effective way to deliver software projects. But it may raise questions about security or reliability of the tech partner, too. Knowing how many factors have to be taken into consideration when deciding on a software development partnership with a vendor from another country, we’d also like to introduce you to the benefits of outsourcing ITprojects to Poland.

With many outsourcing advantages like closer location for Western-based companies, similar culture, language proficiency and great skills, Polish developers stand out when it comes to hiring a remote team for your project. 

But let’s not just brag about their strengths, but back up the statement with some data from reliable sources, shall we?

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