Why should you work with a tech agency?

Is it possible to work with a company that will support you at every stage of work on a digital product? And not only the creation process, but also the concept, market discovery, target group research, strategy planning, branding, and then product design, development and maintenance? Well, yes it is. You need a tech agency. And here are a few reasons why:

  1. Tech agencies typically have a team of experts with a wide range of specialized skills and experience in different areas of digital technology. This means that your businesses will be able to access a broad range of technical expertise that you may not have in-house.
  2. Tech digital agencies can often provide cost-effective solutions for businesses, as they have the resources and expertise to handle projects more efficiently. They can also provide flexible pricing models and work within a specified budget.
  3. By outsourcing technical work to a tech agency, businesses can focus on their core competencies and strategic objectives instead of scattering resources on all at once. This allows them to prioritize business growth and development, while leaving technical work to the experts.
  4. Digital agencies can quickly scale up or down to meet the changing needs of a business. They can provide additional resources and expertise when needed, or scale back when the workload decreases.
  5. A digital agency typically stays up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and trends, and can provide businesses with access to the latest technologies and tools. This can help businesses stay competitive and innovate in their industry.
  6. A technical agency will usually have rigorous testing processes packaged together with product development. So, you're much more likely to get robust and bug-free software that meets the highest standards of reliability, security, and performance.
  7. Working with a great technical agency means risk mitigation. Agencies often have expertise in assessing and addressing potential risks, along with structured project management, and proactive problem-solving that ensures project stability. We, at Apptension, also invest a lot in clear communication and  focus on long-term support to further contribute to minimizing risks and delivering successful outcomes.

Now, let's deep-dive into the question why a tech agency (or, a digital agency) could lead your business to absolute success.

Development (in a way) make things more difficult

It is the natural order of things that when a sector develops, it becomes more and more complex. So don't expect that when digital technology has entered the business world for good, you will find it easier to understand.

Oh no, nothing like that. Every year the market is dividing into more sub-sectors and branches. To meet these market needs, more companies specialising in their field are created to best meet the demands of the business.

An example of such a company is a tech agency. But what exactly is it?

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All in one, or tech agencies

A tech agency is a combination of a software house and a digital agency. It is a company that perfectly understands the problems of today's business, from discovery stage, up to post-launch marketing. It knows the outcomes for a successful product launch, such as a landing page, mobile application, promotional game, graphic design, website and UX.

At the same time, it has a powerful technological background, with teams of specialists responsible for every stage of product development and maintenance.

Thanks to this synergy of business, tech, and design, a tech agency can carry out any project you need. One company instead of 3 subcontractors dealing with different stages of the campaign? You can see for yourself how convenient this solution is.

What will a tech agency do for you?

Software development 

Not everything can be done in-house and not everything is worth doing in-house (we wrote more about that here). And certainly, software is one of the things that not many companies can do within their own structures. But the demand for such services is huge.

Whenever you need a web application, mobile application, website or any other kind of digital experience, like virtual reality or gaming, a tech agency is what you're looking for.

Whether you want a new shopping application for your eCommerce customers, an educational platform or a game to increase engagement with your target audience, a tech agency will do it for you.

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Product Consulting 

Sometimes you know what effect you want to achieve, but you have no clue what the path to the goal should look like. Or you have an idea for a product, but developing that concept with all the technical details is too overwhelming and complicated.

And there's nothing wrong with that because that's the job of people who work every day on bringing the craziest and most ambitious ideas to life. 

Tech agency will play the role of an advisor and will guide you through the entire path of working on a product, from the idea to its implementation. To start with, it's worth making an appointment for a discovery call, during which you'll talk about what you need.

Then, the tech agency will review the entire market, target group and users needs as a part of product discovery. This will be the first step to building a complete roadmap and planning your strategy.

At the next stage, which is branding, the company will create a unique product identity that will differentiate your company in the market and make users remember it. Then, an expert team will handle the entire product design process needed to finally create your product. 

Product Development

Once you have a concept and a carefully planned strategy, the tech agency will take care of product development which means no blind development of the features. Product development takes a comprehensive approach to development, taking into consideration market demand, user needs, business goals, and overall product strategy. No matter what you need, together with a technical agency, you can work out custom solutions that best answer your company's needs and strategy.

The biggest advantage of such cooperation is that you get access to the huge technological potential and years of expertise of an experienced team of developers.

What is more, cooperation with a specialized company, for which constant updating of knowledge is a priority, gives you confidence that the released product will be rock-solid and based on the most effective solutions.

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Product Maintenance

Creating a digital product is not a once-and-for-all kind of job. Unfortunately, the nature of technology is such that any software needs to be regularly updated and maintained to remain effective in changing conditions.

Complex digital products require different approaches and actions in subsequent phases of their lifecycle. Sometimes it is removing emerging bugs, sometimes redeveloping existing functionality, sometimes creating new functionality.

Maintaining a product also involves constantly optimising security features, responding to user feedback and behaviour, ensuring the best possible UX, scalability and growth of your software.

Long-term cooperation with a tech agency will assure you that your product will be bulletproof and flexible in the face of the changing environment, as a team of experts will be responsible for its maintenance. 

By partnering with a tech agency, businesses can not only access top-tier development expertise, but also benefit from writing services that create compelling content to engage their target audience effectively.

Who should work with a tech agency?

Virtually any business that needs a digital product will benefit from working with a tech agency. This may not be a very precise explanation, but this is how it looks like - today every industry uses software and someone needs to design, make and maintain it for you.

Whether you manage a logistics company and need a system to monitor your fleet and inventory, or you work in banking and need an efficient mobile app, or maybe you have an online shop and need a beautiful and convenient website - tech agency is the company for you.

Besides tech agency and creative agency is a perfect match that will allow you to meet all the requirements of your clients. Advertising, PR and communication companies often provide a 360° marketing service. For example, creative agencies in Miami offer a wide range of services, including branding, graphic design, digital marketing, and content creation, making them an ideal choice for clients looking for comprehensive and innovative marketing solutions. They offer copywriting, graphic design, media relations, social media content, digital ads and everything else needed to create a brand image.

However, modern marketing strategies increasingly include digital products such as websites, software or apps.

Most agencies don't have an experienced team of developers on board, so they outsource such services to someone else. And this is usually not a one-off collaboration; marketing agencies have many clients and the demand for digital services is growing.

That's why it's so valuable to work with a tech agency, a trusted partner who can always help with even the most challenging assignment.

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Why working with a tech agency is the best thing you can do

A tech agency is not just a contractor, but a trusted business partner you can rely on. This form of cooperation gives you much broader possibilities than just making pre-planned products and ready-made solutions.

You will receive support at every stage of implementation, from the very concept through strategic planning, market research, user group research, branding, product design, development and maintenance.

Working with a tech agency, you get years of experience, expertise, support and consulting, so the performance of your company and the services it provides can reach a whole new level.