The newly released SaaS Boilerplate is a mighty time saver - but it has a couple more tricks up its sleeve. To give you a short overview, we compiled the first line of questions a careful researcher may have - and we provide brief answers.

What is SaaS Boilerplate?

In essence, it is a fully functional foundation, on which any number of web apps can be built. 

Installed on the client’s AWS account, SaaS Boilerplate has three key architecture modules:

  • infrastructure that uses AWS and contains CI/CD
  • application code containing generic functions, like logins and subscriptions
  • integrated E2E testing for certain features

Those enable developer teams to re-use specific modules of proven Apptension quality. 

Why do I need SaaS Boilerplate?

There are several excellent reasons to use SaaS Boilerplate:

  • Reduce time to market - whether you develop your own product or do it for a client, how fast the solution will be mature enough matters a lot.
  • Simplify the estimation process - with SaaS Boilerplate, you can estimate large parts of your development effort much easier and more precisely than before.
  • Cut down development time - with less functions to code, some time slack is generated in comparison to developing them anew. Even if the result is small in one project, its effect cumulates and grows when used in multiple projects.
  • Focus on intellectual property algorithms - time saved on development can now be spent on fine-tuning the product’s business logic and its intellectual property algorithms.
  • Cut boring, repetitive tasks from your developer’s life - keeping your talent happy and engaged is just as important as the technical and process know-how. And who wants to code the same payment function again?

Why do I need SaaS Boilerplate, but in 25 words?

  • Because you and your clients want to reduce the “time to market” of your products. 
  • Because you want to keep the developers happy and focused.

Can SaaS Boilerplate handle my product’s business logic?

SaaS Boilerplate is business agnostic! The logic is abstracted away so that your development team is empowered to change it at any time, at will without breaking the application. 

This makes it much easier to test, build and ship new features, or extend the already existing ones.

Is it really faster? How much time do I need to invest upfront?

The onboarding and setup last 3 days or less in most cases and are not labor-intensive. After that, your SaaS Boilerplate saves considerable time in every project that uses its modules. Contact our representative to set up the process efficiently in no time.

How does SaaS Boilerplate scale?

SaaS Boilerplate can easily handle medium-sized applications and their growth. It is also using the autoscaling feature. This allows you to dynamically assign resources according to current demand.

What functionalities does SaaS Boilerplate provide?

SaaS Boilerplate can save your team’s time and reliably substitute bespoke solutions for:

  • CRUD - An example data model consisting of id and title that can be removed, changed, viewed, or removed.
  • Email delivery and templating - transactional and triggered emails, email scheduling
  • E2E tests - automated testing of basic functions, ability to test during deployment
  • CMS integration - Contentful integration (example), template content model, ready to use CMS
  • User authentication and authorization - registration, login (Google, Facebook social authorization), user data and roles, email verification, password recovery and change, user management panel
  • Payments and subscriptions - Stripe payment integration, safe no customer payment data stored method, multiple payment methods integration and their management, recurring payments, trial and subscription plans, instant charging.

The list is not exhaustive, nor is SaaS Boilerplate development complete. You can expect some development in this section pretty soon.