Creative agency

Here's the detailed case study on how we assisted a creative agency in building an eCommerce website for a luxury brand.

Web development



Beauty & fashion


2 years


In this project, Apptension representatives assisted with strategic business decisions regarding the website design and user flow, along with the development of experimental tools for the fashion and beauty industry. Essentially, support from Apptension’s side was needed for scaling the resources for the project in terms of frontend development mostly. However, there was also a significant share of product management support.


This global independent creative agency has a lean structure, resulting in around 100 employees. Thus, they needed to use their resources as efficiently as possible. Therefore, they decided to power up and scale the team working on the luxury brand project they won some time ago. As a result, a few frontend developers from Apptension were meant to join the project as a team extension which was a close collaboration with complete integration into existing internal processes.


The main areas of Apptension's guidance were required in front-end development and project management. For example, at this stage of their eCommerce website development, the client, a luxury beauty/fashion brand, wanted to conduct strategic research to help invent an improved user path and increase conversions on specific pages. As mentioned before, the creative agency team also required project management resources and front-end developers to help implement the planned improvements.


During our collaboration, we decided to launch an entire eCommerce store, make several local and global rollouts to reach bigger audiences and make local website versions more user-friendly. We also helped the luxury beauty brand release products with industry-unique features. Also, our cooperation is ongoing to provide further maintenance and support in various production decisions.

times increase in traffic that the platform receives
users accessing the platform during a day
chances of application failure

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