Digital is our playground. From client-facing mobile apps through SaaS products to AR games, we combine passion, technical expertise and product mindset. You don't have to take our word for it - our projects speak for themselves.


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Data Management
AI Development
Mobile Development
Product Design
Product Discovery
Web Development

ExpoDubai 2020

Making it possible for users to experience ExpoDubai online without having to travel in the uncertain times of the pandemic.


Creating a SaaS application for small and medium-sized transport companies to support their forwarding processes and optimize costs as a result.


A complete product discovery service for a project estimation app that utilizes AI.

Generative AI Prototype

A web app with a feature to transcribe meetings, analyze them, and answer related questions

Smart SaaS

Advanced AI-driven SaaS platform enhancing corporate feedback efficiency and insights


Streamlining healthcare operations with AI-driven SaaS for improved patient support and decision-making
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Why do our partners choose us?

"The technical creativity delivered by the team at Apptension was invaluable in the formation of our mixed reality start-up Hyper."
Photo of Nathan Sparshott

Nathan Sparshott

Co-Founder & CEO of HyperCRC

"Apptension was flexible and professional. When I needed to quickly add capacity, it took a week or two at worst - often days. The cooperation enabled me to slowly scale up my own IT team, and the company was very helpful until the last moments of the transition."
Photo of Mateusz Oleksiuk

Mateusz Oleksiuk


"The SaaS Boilerplate Apptension built was a huge reason we were so successful, because all these little seemingly unrelated tasks and integrations needed to happen. If we had been working with anybody else, It would have probably taken months to do the same work."
Photo of Kwame Nyanning

Kwame Nyanning

CEO blkbx.

"We needed their help to build the backend services and capabilities needed to deliver a production level on demand. Their ability to produce high-quality work with consistency while dealing with a new type of project was impressive."
Photo of Kelly O'Conor

Kelly O’Conor

Product Lead, Siberia

Check out our products:

SaaS Boilerplate Introduction hero image

SaaS Boilerplate

It is a ready-to-use, customizable, and well-tested open-source tool kit, giving you all the essential parts to build a complete product.

Mesh model of two hands enclosing a visualisation of code and users
Artificial Inteligence

Mobegi - RAG-based application

It's a Generative AI Slackbot featuring a recommendation system based on our database, designed to enhance operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Teamdeck hero image
SaaS Product


Best-in-class resource management software. It gives simplicity, efficiency, and clarity in workload planning.

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