How we work

We help executive, creative, marketing and technical teams build their digital products.


Our expertise

Creative & Technical Consultancy

You bring the problems, and together we work towards solutions using the best technologies, creative thinking methods and product skills.


Together, we will run through a week-long workshops to fully understand the idea and plan first concept of your product.

Then, we use a mix of skills - creative, strategy, product, development and go through fast prototyping to bring first proof concepts that you can validate with your audience.

Product Design

Leverage a team of UX, UI, 3D and Motion experts that are ready to help you design your product.

Application Development

We’ve built apps that gained hundreds of thousands of users in a few months, made it to the top of the App store, and helped their founders secure new investments.

Product Maintenance

Our experts advised dozens of brands on building complex internal and external apps that create a long-lasting business advantages and help their teams collaborate faster.

Full list of services



  • System Architecture
  • Technical Prototyping
  • MVP Development
  • Full Product Development
  • Team Enhancement
  • Role Leasing


  • Bug Fixing
  • Continuous Delivery Setup
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Architecture Monitoring


  • Brand identity
  • UX Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Role Leasing

Partnership process


Discovery Call

We will ask you some basic questions about your project, its needs and requirements.


We prepare an estimate and a quote. In the meantime we will probably exchange 1/2 e-mails and do a check-in call.


If you like our offer, we send you an e-mail with the Service Agreement. All terms can be negotiated. We appreciate the transparency!
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“The code and the work were of good quality and were really what we were looking for. They were able to bring technical design thinking to the project. Project management was tight and I always knew what was happening.“
Daniel Kiyoi - Apptension Client
Daniel Kiyoi
Magic Dusk
“Apptension was flexible and professional. When I needed to quickly add capacity, it took a week or two at worst - often days. The cooperation enabled me to slowly scale up my own IT team, and the company was very helpful until the last moments of the transition.”
Mateusz Oleksiuk - testimonial
Mateusz Oleksiuk
"The project’s success has resulted in a long-term partnership for design and development. Apptension is a fantastic partner, who is willing to go above and beyond in order to deliver what the client needs."
Apptension Client
Catarina Rocha
p(r)oud solutions
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