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The highlights of developing a spotless design for cannabis production tracking application.

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Full Frontend development service


Cannabis Production
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Apptension’s project management approach integrated seamlessly with our internal processes. They delivered high-quality code, and artifacts, and their own QA process supplemented ours well. The end result was a product that met the user’s expectations with no issues, and a code base we can maintain ourselves when necessary. We highly recommend Apptension for your projects!
Engineering Manager
Cannabis Production company


Combining the presented backend with the fresh-new frontend and design

The company’s main request for Apptension was development of the frontend part of a new and improved version for their existing system for tracking the growth, cropping, and storage of their product. The main purpose of such an app was to be used by the employees as an internal tracking tool.

The client expected our team to develop in Vue.js v2, which was something completely new for us in comparison with the usual React that we employ for most frontend projects. This meant that we needed to quickly bring our Vue.js v2 skills up to the same level that we would provide if the project was created in React.

The client has also entrusted us with creating the design for the system and, from their side, was involved in refining and reviewing all parts of the design.


  • UX/UI Design
    Frontend development
    Quality assurance
    App development


Backend-inclusive user interface

We were presented with a fully-prepared backend with great documentation from the client’s side and the working ADFS login logic. The front end was a clean slate and we started creating the setup that makes us feel confident with the code we create - tests and storybooks. For Vue.js v2, we used similar packages to what we would normally choose when working with React.

We developed a complicated system consisting of multiple pages, most of which could be grouped into forms for creating and updating objects, lists of those objects, and also detailed pages for each of them.

The design that Apptension specialists provided was based on the UI system Buefy, which was previously used in the client’s project and proved to be an easy- and comfortable-to-use basic component source.


Perfect quality assurance process

We decided to introduce E2E tests right from the start of the QA-ing process. Cypress is our usual tool of choice, however, it wasn’t compatible with the given ADFS authentication provider, so we needed to think of a workaround. As a result, our devs came up with combining Puppeteer and Chromium to obtain new cookies and check their validity regularly. The other issue to resolve was matching the permissions on the back end and front end. Namely, from our side, we had to make sure that the frontend side reacts properly and displays only those options according to what comes from the back end. With the help of the same workaround, our dev team managed to mock up the permission layout and, thus, properly test the completed front end.


  • Frontend development: Vue.js v2, Vuex, Vue Router, Buefy, scss, jest, vue testing library, storybook

    QA: Puppeteer and Chromium

    Design: Figma


Impeccable frontend and design

Now, the company (that would prefer to stay anonymous) can not only enjoy the practical benefits, but also a pleasant interface that puts minimum pressure on the storage capability. Regardless of the client’s desire to work on the backend heavy application, Apptension’s proposed solution seems to work perfectly in tandem with a piece of code in a relatively unpopular language. Now, this cannabis producer can effectively control the process of redefining the purposes of their product even easier.  

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